Man’s desire to share his experience has given birth to many a temple of knowledge which functions not only as seats of learning but also as guardians of progress in all walks of life. These centers of learning are responsible to generate, disseminate and spread knowledge in the domain of science and technology, human values and socio-economic pursuits.

C. V. Raman Global University, Odisha was established as per “Odisha Act 01 of 2020”. Although this University is newly born, it takes pride in its rich heritage. Aiming to improve the scholastic ability and effectiveness of the quality education system across the globe, the University is committed to expanding the scope of the existing departments and also to open new ones to deliver multi and inter-disciplinary courses by accelerating the present sectoral focus of its mother Institute.

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History of CGU

To begin with, CGU, Odisha started as a degree level engineering college named as C.V. Raman College of Engineering (CVRCE) in the year 1997. Since its inception, it was wedded to quality and steadfastly remained committed to bringing about rapid transformations in the field of technical education by imparting high quality education and training through its well-equipped smart classrooms, world class labs, unbeatable Centres of Excellence and a rich library having connectivity with the leading libraries of the world. These are some of the shining feathers in the crown of CVRCE which helped the institute grow into a university in record time.

CGU, Odisha has also inherited the following things from CVRCE: a well geared system, a responsive and supportive management, rich infrastructure, among a host of other things. In reality, the story of CGU, Odisha is synonymous with the story of CVRCE.