CoE by QUANSER for Control System Engineering
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CoE by QUANSER for Control System Engineering
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CoE by QUANSER for Control System Engineering
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About Us

A control system lies at the core of the most exciting technological breakthroughs in the modern age. From drones and reusable rockets to advanced robotics and self-driving vehicles, the fundamentals of control systems design and implementation are critical skills for engineers to cultivate and innovate in the modern workforce. Quanser offers modelled, repeatable and reliable control plants that offer students hands-on experience using modern control tools and approaches to solve control problems that are analogous to typical modern industrial challenges.

CGU-Quanser lab was founded in 2018 to cater to the need for having desktop hardware platforms optimised for teaching and research in engineering education. Quanser is a global leader in the design and manufacture of refined products, solutions and complete labs that have transformed the way educators teach the theory, application and implementation of controls, robotics and mechatronics.

The Quanser approach to innovation, collaboration and education has produced several notable technology firsts that pioneered many critical contemporary trends:

  • Efficient validation platform for control research and the commercial realization of the inverted pendulum
  • High-performance, real-time control on common microcomputers
  • Research-focused quadcopters preceding the drone revolution by a decade
  • A generalised haptic platform for force-feedback telerobotics
  • Intelligent, affordable robotic therapy platform for stroke patient rehabilitation
  • Mobile-first knowledge platform optimised for engineering content

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