Telecommunication or Communication Engineering is defined as the science and technology of communication over a distance. The ability to convey information quickly, accurately, and efficiently has always been one of the main focuses driving human innovation. From prehistoric human with their signal fires to the smart phone-wielding high-powered executives of today, communication still remains a key for survival and success. The history of telecommunication illustrates this never-ending push for progress as it steadily parallels human growth, becoming more widespread and efficient as the development of modern civilization unfolds.

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (ETC) was established in the year 1997 to produce world class Engineers and Researcher in the field of Communication Engineering, Electronics System designing, Embedded &IoT, Signal Processing, Image Processing and Robotics. The department made progressive strides during the last two decades for its best practices in teaching learning, Industry relevant courses, R&D activities and student placement.

Digital signal processing is at the core of the communications revolution. Continuous research being carried out to develop signal processing algorithms to address the growing need ofquick, accurate, and efficient multimedia data communication. Image and Video processing, Statistical Signal Processing, Speech Processing, Embedded System, IoT and Machine Learning are fundamental aspects of the future Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Systems.

This programme offers an advanced learning environment and mentoring to conduct cutting-edge research in the areas of Communication Engineering, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Speech Processing, Machine Learning and VLSI Design. The primary goal of the program is to develop technical experts that become world-class scholars and leaders in either academia or industry.

You’ll also benefit from specialist industrial lectures, allowing you to relate the theoretical and design aspects of communications and signal processing to practical problems and real-world constraints.

  • M. Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering. (Signal Processing & Communication)
  • M. Tech. (Res) in Electronics & Communication Engineering