Department of Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering established in 1997 is amongst the premier departments of CGU, Odisha, offers B.Tech, M.Tech and PhD Programmes. Our Mechanical Engineering degrees are rooted in the real world of industry and the rapidly evolving needs of the engineering sector. Our professionally accredited Mechanical Engineering degree equips students with knowledge and skills across a wide range of mechanical engineering topics.

Programmes Offered


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Research is an integral and important part of any higher education system. CGU, Odisha actively promotes research among its staff and students. Students undertake research projects as a component of their education programme itself. Research activities at the Department of Mechanical Engineering enables the teacher and the students to assimilate and disseminate the knowledge as well as generate new knowledge. In addition to this, CGU, Odisha has devised innovative schemes to enable professionals-at-large to conduct research at their place of work and simultaneously work for the Ph.D. degree of the Institute.


Student Achievements