The department of Physics has been started its journey since 1997, produces graduates in bachelor of technology on the purpose of gratifying the basic desires in the dynamic world class platform. Recently, from 2016, this department started Masters of Science (M.Sc.) in physics course in order to produce some really brightest minds in applied physics for the active participation for development of human resource. Department introduced elective papers in the course of M.Sc. which includes Fibre optics and optoelectronics, Plasma physics and Materials science and technology etc. In 2018, the department started enrollment for the Ph.D. course in Physics. Apart from regular teaching department of physics is vastly enthusiastic in the field of experimental and theoretical research keeping close eyes on the recent quests. Research encompasses various emerging areas that include fabrication of various nano-structured materials, development of energy storage devices, structural materials for different industrial applications, study of quantum phenomena behind luminescence in conducting polymer and metal oxide composites along with the theoretical development in the area of optoelectronics.

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