Distinguished Faculty

Dr. Bijaya Kumar Bulasara, Ph.D.ASSO. PROF,
Chemical reaction engineering [CHEMICAL]
Dr. Ashish Arunkumar Pande , Ph.D.ASSO. PROF,
Nano technology, Process Engg. [CHEMICAL]
Dr. Sukant Kishoro Bisoy , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, SOA UNIVWireless Sensor Network & MANET [CSE]
Dr. Mohit Ranjan Panda , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, SOA UNIVRobotics & Machine Learning [CSE]
Dr. Smitarani Parija , Ph.D.ASSO. PROF, NIT, RKLWireless communication [ETC]
Dr. Mousumi Bhanja , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, IIEST, SHIBPURAnalog VLSI Synthesis & Design [ETC]
Dr. Susmita Kar , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, IIT, BBSRMicrogrid protection [EE]
Dr. Anway Maiti , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, IIT, KGPMetallurgy & Material [MECH]
Dr. Bikash Ranjan Moharana , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, NIT, RKLProduction Engineering [MECH]
Dr. Sushovan Basak , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, JADAVPUR UNIVMettalurgy & Material (Joining of Materials) [MECH]
Dr. Manas Ranjan Pattanayak , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, IICT, / UNIV. OF HYD.Organic chemistry [CHEMISTRY]
Dr. Manoj Kumar Parida , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, KIIT UNIVBio-fuel production & characterization [MECH]
Dr. Bikash Chandra Behera , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, IIT, DELHIManufacturing engg. [MECH]
Dr. Manoj Kumar Gopalia , Ph.D.ASSO. PROF, IIT, DELHIFluid Mechanics [MECH]
Dr. Sasmita Mishra , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, CENTURION UNIVFinance [MBA]
Dr. Ananta Prasad Chakraborty , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, NIT, RKLMaterial Science [PHYSICS]
Dr. Sunirmal Saha , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, NIT, RKLApplication of polymer nano composites [PHYSICS]
Dr. Rahul Barman , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, IIT, ROORKEECondensed Matter Physics [PHYSICS]
Dr. Sarita Tripathy , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, VSSUT, BURLAPhy - Org chem [CHEMISTRY]
Dr. Ganeswar Mahanta , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, KIIT UNIVFluid dynamics [MATH]
Dr. Jitendra Kumar Pati , Ph.D.ASSO. PROF, UTKAL UNIVDifferential equation [MATH]
Dr. Debashis Ghosh , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, NIT, DURGAPURAlgebra, Design Theory [PHYSICS]
Dr. Pratap Kumar Dash , Ph.D.ASSO. PROF, UTKAL UNIV.ELT, Stylistics [ENGLISH]
Dr. Pramodini Patnaik , Ph.D.ASST. PROF,ACHARYA NAGARJUNA UNIV., GUNTUR, APPhonetics, Reading comprehension [ENGLISH]
Dr. K. C. Patra, Ph.D.Non-linear control system engineering,
High voltage engineering [Electrical]
Dr. A. K. Behera, Ph.D.Machine Design,
Mechanical Vibration and Mechanical Measurement & Instrumentation [Mech]
Dr. Bhabes Bhattacharya, Ph.D.NNuclear Waste Management, Fluid-Particle Technology [Chemical]
Dr. P. Kabisathpathy, Ph.D.VLSI and Microelectronics,
Embedded System and Automation [ETC]
Dr. H. Joardar, Ph.D.Metal Matrix Composite,
Forging behavior,
Machining characteristics [Mech]
Dr. Priyadarshi Kanungo, Ph.D.Signal and Image Processing [ETC]
Dr. Kamala Kanta Muduli, Ph.D.Industrial Engineering
Dr. D.K.Biswal, Ph.D.Active materials,
Artificial muscle materials,
Smart structures,
Bio inspired design,
Non-linear Vibration [Mech]
Dr. Rachita Mishra, Ph.D.Digital Image Processing,
Data Mining,
Soft Computing,
Parallel Computing,
Software Engineering and Project Management [IT]
Dr. Sunita Routray, Ph.D.Mineral Processing and Characterization [Mech]
Dr. Brojo Kishore Mishra, Ph.D.Data Mining, Soft Computing [IT]
Dr. N. S. Das, Ph.D.Deformation Processes,
Mineral Processing [Mech]
Dr. Aswini Sahoo, Ph.D.Micro-grid,
Solar PV system protection [Electrical]
Dr. Sachindra Rout, Ph.D.Heat transfer Enhancement,
Refrigeration and air-conditioning,
CFD, Solar Energy [Mech]
Dr. Narayan Parida, Ph.D.Metallurgy [Mech]
Dr. Ranjita Swain, Ph.D.Mineral Processing & Material Science
Dr. Debaprita Ghosal, Ph.D.Catalysis and Reaction Engineering [Chemical]
Dr. Pranab Kishore Mohapatra, Ph.D.Computational Biology and Interdisciplinary Chemistry [Chemistry]
Dr. Indira Routray, Ph.D.Optimization [Mathematics]
Dr. Hiranmayee Mohapatra, Ph.D.Semiconductor Devices,
Fiber Optics,
Optoelectronics [Physics]
Dr. Amaresh Chandra Panda, Ph.D.Graph Theory [Mathematics]
Dr. Tanmaya Badapanda, Ph.D.Synthesis and characterization of polymer-ferroelectric nanocomposite for embedded capacitor application [Phy]
Dr. Trailokyanath Singh, Ph.D.Operations Research(Inventory Control) [Mathematics]
Dr. Atala Bihari Panda, Ph.D.Nanostructure thin solid films,
Plasma Physics,
Condensed matter [Physics]
Dr. Kamal Lochan Mahanta, Ph.D.Relativity and Cosmology [Mathematics]
Dr. Sabyasachi Parida, Ph.D.Microwave dielectric,
ferro and piezo-electric properties [Physics]
Dr. Sarat Kumar Rout, Ph.D.Nano Ceramic Oxides
(synthesis, characterization and fabrication) [Physics]
Dr. Prasant Kumar Nayak, Ph.D.Bio Mathematics, Computer Virology [Mathematics]
Dr. Prashanta Kumar Parida, Ph.D.Fuzzy Logic,
Soft computing,
Theoretical Computer Science,
Dr. Pragyan Paramita Pattnaik, Ph.D.Psycholinguistics and ELT [English]
Dr. Priyabrata Mohapatra, Ph.D.Graphene Nano Particle-Composites (GNCs)
for Catalytic Application [Chemistry]
Dr. Umesh Prasad Pattanaik, Ph.D.Syntax, ELT and psycholinguistics [English]
Dr. Sanjita Lenka, Ph.D.Organizational Behaviour [MBA]
Dr. Jayashree Mohanty, Ph.D.Anodic dissolution of partially reduced
TiO2 to produce Ti by molten salt electrolysis [Chemistry]

Dr. Tulika Singh, Ph.D.Organizational Behaviour [MBA]
Dr. Niladri Bihari Debata , Ph.D.Flexible multidentate ligand and
Pd2+ based supramolecular discrete
coordination compounds to heterobimetallic
coordination polymers and its applicants [Chemistry]