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I welcome you to the International Education cell of CGU. This cell is dedicated to the promotion of international collaboration in technical education in the form of student and faculty exchange programs and in pursuing dual degree courses.
I strongly feel that the international students will enjoy the academic ambience at CGUand will get cultural enrichment through the different activities on the campus. Graduating from CGUwill help them enhance their knowledge and expertise in their specific technical domains.

Of the numerous opportunities available at CGU, International Programs are among the most exciting and career enhancing. Learning and understanding new cultures, improving foreign language skills, studying a discipline with an international perspective, and seeking out new challenges are significant elements of a study abroad experience. International Programs are often the first stepping stone towards global awareness and there are many tailor-made options for students to choose from. International Programs at CGU give students a distinct and definitive advantage, going forward.

One of the main responsibilities of the IEC is to provide information, services, and programs designed to meet the unique needs of our international students and scholars.

The IEC also serves as a guide to those students participating in study abroad experiences. Working with the Faculty International Studies Committee, IEC staff also assist in developing and coordinating off-campus programs and strive to make study abroad accessible to all international students.

Through campus-wide programs and community outreach efforts, the IEC seeks to maintain a forum for communication and learning, which will contribute to increased international awareness, acceptance, and understanding of peoples and cultures from all corners of the globe.

Post Graduate
Under Graduate
Distinguished Faculty
Office of IEC
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  • Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering
  • Ph. D. in Civil Engineering
  • Ph. D. in Computer Sc. & Engineering
  • Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering
  • Ph. D. in Electronics & Comm. Engg.
  • Ph. D. in Marine Engineering
  • Ph. D. in MechanicalEngineering
  • Ph. D. in Chemistry
  • Ph. D. in Physics
  • PhD. in Business Management
  • Ph.D. in English Language and Literature
Post Graduate
  • M. Tech. (Res) in Chemical Engineering
  • M. Tech. (Res) in Civil Engineering
  • M.Tech. in Computer Sc. andEngineering
  • M. Tech. (Res) in Computer Science & Engineering
  • M.Tech. in ElectricalEngineering
  • M. Tech. (Res) in Electrical Engineering
  • M.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering.(Signal Processing & Communication)
  • M. Tech. (Res) in Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • M. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering.
  • M.Tech. in Mechatronics
  • M.Tech. in Thermal Engineering
  • M. Tech. in Production Engineering
  • M. Tech. (Res) in Mechanical Engineering
  • M. Sc. in Chemistry
  • M. Sc. in Applied Mathematics & Computing
  • M. Sc. in Applied Physics
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Under Graduate
  • B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering
  • B. Tech. in Civil Engineering
  • B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering
  • B. Tech. in Computer Engineering
  • B. Tech. in Computer Science & Information Technology
  • B. Tech. in Computer Science and System Engineering
  • B. Tech. in Computer Engineering(Software Engineering)
  • B. Tech. in Computer Science &Engineering (AI & Machine Learning)
  • B. Tech. in Computer Science &Engineering (Data Science)
  • B. Tech. in Computer Science &Engineering (IoT& Cyber Security)
  • B. Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering (Cloud Computing)
  • B. Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering (Web Technology)
  • B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering
  • B. Tech. in Electrical &Electronics Engineering
  • B. Electronics & Communication Engineering.
  • B. Tech. in Marine Engineering.
  • B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
  • PG Diploma in Industrial Automation & FMS
  • PG Diploma in Automation
  • PG Diploma in Mechatronics
  • PG Diploma in Industrial Automation & Control
Distinguished Faculty

Dr. Bijaya Kumar Bulasara, Ph.D.ASSO. PROF,
Chemical reaction engineering [CHEMICAL]
Dr. Ashish Arunkumar Pande , Ph.D.ASSO. PROF,
Nano technology, Process Engg. [CHEMICAL]
Dr. Sukant Kishoro Bisoy , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, SOA UNIVWireless Sensor Network & MANET [CSE]
Dr. Mohit Ranjan Panda , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, SOA UNIVRobotics & Machine Learning [CSE]
Dr. Smitarani Parija , Ph.D.ASSO. PROF, NIT, RKLWireless communication [ETC]
Dr. Mousumi Bhanja , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, IIEST, SHIBPURAnalog VLSI Synthesis & Design [ETC]
Dr. Susmita Kar , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, IIT, BBSRMicrogrid protection [EE]
Dr. Anway Maiti , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, IIT, KGPMetallurgy & Material [MECH]
Dr. Bikash Ranjan Moharana , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, NIT, RKLProduction Engineering [MECH]
Dr. Sushovan Basak , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, JADAVPUR UNIVMettalurgy & Material (Joining of Materials) [MECH]
Dr. Manas Ranjan Pattanayak , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, IICT, / UNIV. OF HYD.Organic chemistry [CHEMISTRY]
Dr. Manoj Kumar Parida , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, KIIT UNIVBio-fuel production & characterization [MECH]
Dr. Bikash Chandra Behera , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, IIT, DELHIManufacturing engg. [MECH]
Dr. Manoj Kumar Gopalia , Ph.D.ASSO. PROF, IIT, DELHIFluid Mechanics [MECH]
Dr. Sasmita Mishra , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, CENTURION UNIVFinance [MBA]
Dr. Ananta Prasad Chakraborty , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, NIT, RKLMaterial Science [PHYSICS]
Dr. Sunirmal Saha , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, NIT, RKLApplication of polymer nano composites [PHYSICS]
Dr. Rahul Barman , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, IIT, ROORKEECondensed Matter Physics [PHYSICS]
Dr. Sarita Tripathy , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, VSSUT, BURLAPhy - Org chem [CHEMISTRY]
Dr. Ganeswar Mahanta , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, KIIT UNIVFluid dynamics [MATH]
Dr. Jitendra Kumar Pati , Ph.D.ASSO. PROF, UTKAL UNIVDifferential equation [MATH]
Dr. Debashis Ghosh , Ph.D.ASST. PROF, NIT, DURGAPURAlgebra, Design Theory [PHYSICS]
Dr. Pratap Kumar Dash , Ph.D.ASSO. PROF, UTKAL UNIV.ELT, Stylistics [ENGLISH]
Dr. Pramodini Patnaik , Ph.D.ASST. PROF,ACHARYA NAGARJUNA UNIV., GUNTUR, APPhonetics, Reading comprehension [ENGLISH]
Dr. K. C. Patra, Ph.D.Non-linear control system engineering,
High voltage engineering [Electrical]
Dr. A. K. Behera, Ph.D.Machine Design,
Mechanical Vibration and Mechanical Measurement & Instrumentation [Mech]
Dr. Bhabes Bhattacharya, Ph.D.NNuclear Waste Management, Fluid-Particle Technology [Chemical]
Dr. P. Kabisathpathy, Ph.D.VLSI and Microelectronics,
Embedded System and Automation [ETC]
Dr. H. Joardar, Ph.D.Metal Matrix Composite,
Forging behavior,
Machining characteristics [Mech]
Dr. Priyadarshi Kanungo, Ph.D.Signal and Image Processing [ETC]
Dr. Kamala Kanta Muduli, Ph.D.Industrial Engineering
Dr. D.K.Biswal, Ph.D.Active materials,
Artificial muscle materials,
Smart structures,
Bio inspired design,
Non-linear Vibration [Mech]
Dr. Rachita Mishra, Ph.D.Digital Image Processing,
Data Mining,
Soft Computing,
Parallel Computing,
Software Engineering and Project Management [IT]
Dr. Sunita Routray, Ph.D.Mineral Processing and Characterization [Mech]
Dr. Brojo Kishore Mishra, Ph.D.Data Mining, Soft Computing [IT]
Dr. N. S. Das, Ph.D.Deformation Processes,
Mineral Processing [Mech]
Dr. Aswini Sahoo, Ph.D.Micro-grid,
Solar PV system protection [Electrical]
Dr. Sachindra Rout, Ph.D.Heat transfer Enhancement,
Refrigeration and air-conditioning,
CFD, Solar Energy [Mech]
Dr. Narayan Parida, Ph.D.Metallurgy [Mech]
Dr. Ranjita Swain, Ph.D.Mineral Processing & Material Science
Dr. Debaprita Ghosal, Ph.D.Catalysis and Reaction Engineering [Chemical]
Dr. Pranab Kishore Mohapatra, Ph.D.Computational Biology and Interdisciplinary Chemistry [Chemistry]
Dr. Indira Routray, Ph.D.Optimization [Mathematics]
Dr. Hiranmayee Mohapatra, Ph.D.Semiconductor Devices,
Fiber Optics,
Optoelectronics [Physics]
Dr. Amaresh Chandra Panda, Ph.D.Graph Theory [Mathematics]
Dr. Tanmaya Badapanda, Ph.D.Synthesis and characterization of polymer-ferroelectric nanocomposite for embedded capacitor application [Phy]
Dr. Trailokyanath Singh, Ph.D.Operations Research(Inventory Control) [Mathematics]
Dr. Atala Bihari Panda, Ph.D.Nanostructure thin solid films,
Plasma Physics,
Condensed matter [Physics]
Dr. Kamal Lochan Mahanta, Ph.D.Relativity and Cosmology [Mathematics]
Dr. Sabyasachi Parida, Ph.D.Microwave dielectric,
ferro and piezo-electric properties [Physics]
Dr. Sarat Kumar Rout, Ph.D.Nano Ceramic Oxides
(synthesis, characterization and fabrication) [Physics]
Dr. Prasant Kumar Nayak, Ph.D.Bio Mathematics, Computer Virology [Mathematics]
Dr. Prashanta Kumar Parida, Ph.D.Fuzzy Logic,
Soft computing,
Theoretical Computer Science,
Dr. Pragyan Paramita Pattnaik, Ph.D.Psycholinguistics and ELT [English]
Dr. Priyabrata Mohapatra, Ph.D.Graphene Nano Particle-Composites (GNCs)
for Catalytic Application [Chemistry]
Dr. Umesh Prasad Pattanaik, Ph.D.Syntax, ELT and psycholinguistics [English]
Dr. Sanjita Lenka, Ph.D.Organizational Behaviour [MBA]
Dr. Jayashree Mohanty, Ph.D.Anodic dissolution of partially reduced
TiO2 to produce Ti by molten salt electrolysis [Chemistry]

Dr. Tulika Singh, Ph.D.Organizational Behaviour [MBA]
Dr. Niladri Bihari Debata , Ph.D.Flexible multidentate ligand and
Pd2+ based supramolecular discrete
coordination compounds to heterobimetallic
coordination polymers and its applicants [Chemistry]

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