Sponsored Research

Sl. No.TitleSponsoring OrganizationProject Cost

(Rs. In Lakhs
PI of the ProjectDepartmentDurationStart date
1Flexible multidentate ligand and Pd2+ based supra molecular discrete coordination compounds to hetero bimetallic coordination polymers and its applicantsSERB, DST, Govt. of India29,37,000NiladriBihari DebataChemistry3July , 2016
2Anodic dissolution of partially reduced TiO2 to produce Ti by molten salt electrolysisScience and Engineering Research Board, DST, Govt. of India26,06,000Jayashree MohantyChemistry3August, 2015
3Utilization of PLK (Partially laterised Khondalite) as a potential and value added filler material with specific reference to white ceramics and pigmentsNALCO (Collaborative Project with JNARDDC24,42,000Ranjita SwainChemical3March, 2017
4Assessment on Distribution of Heavy Minerals along Brahmagiri to Puri Coast and their Recovery with Special Emphasis to Zircon MineralsSERB, DST, New Delhi27,81,910SunitaRoutrayMechanical3March, 2017
5Modulation of piezoelectric and electromechanical properties in percolativepolymer-ceramic-graphene nano composite for low frequency energy harvesterSERB, DST, New Delhi25,05,400Sabyasachi ParidaPhysics3July, 2017
6Development of suitable material for visible light induced photo catalytic hydrogen production from industrial waste waterSERB, DST, New Delhi (Collaborative Project with BITS, Pilani)17,49,000Priyabrata MohapatraChemistry3November, 2017
7Fabrication of Cryogenic deviceDas Enterprise, Kharagpur2,000,00Sachindra kr. RoutMechanical1April, 2018
8Development of Aluminum stainless steel transition pipe joints for cryogenic and vacuum applications using CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) ProcessBRNS16,89,750S. BasakMechanical2April, 2018
9Catalytic modification of low value essential oils to chiral selective commodity products with enhance bioactivity through green processes.Science Engineering Research Board (Collaboration with CIMAP, Lucknow)7,70,000P. MohapatraChemistry3July, 2018
10Development of cost effective process and knowhow for production of AI-Mg alloys of enhanced mechanical properties, incorporating graphene / graphene oxide, suitable for automobile applicationsNALCO18,48,000P. MohapatraChemistry3March, 2019