Assistant Electrician

Course Code: Assistant Electrician (CON/Q0602), PRT- Helper Electrician (CON/Q0601)

Course Description:

Electrician trade Scheme is one of the most popular courses delivered nationwide. Electrician course is a short term Technical course, which enables students to work on different types of electrical wiring and equipment. This course provides students with fundamental knowledge of the necessary electrical fields. Under this course, students are given a good knowledge of Electrical equipment, Wiring, safety in the electrical field, and other technical details.

Course Duration: 155 Days

Minimum Qualification: 10th Class

Sewing Machine Operator --- PRT Packer

Course Code: SMO (AMH/Q030 I) PRT-Packer (AMH/Q 1407)

Course Description:

A Sewing Machine Operator is a significant activity job related to the Apparel area. The essential duty of a mechanic is to stitch/sew or synthetic materials to deliver attire. A Sewing Machine Operator ought to have great visual perception, eye-hand-leg coordination, engine aptitudes and vision (counting close to vision, separation vision, shading vision, fringe vision, and ability to change focus).

Course Duration: 95 Days

Minimum Qualification: Preferably Std-V


Course Code: Conventional Turning (CSC/QOIIO), PRT- CNC Operator Turning (CSC/QO 115)

Course Description:

CNC Operator – Turning: Operation of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) lathe machine, in order to perform turning operations on metal and plastic components, as per specifications provided.
Brief Description: It involves removal of metal from the outer diameter of a rotating cylindrical work piece.

Course Duration: 178 Days

Minimum Qualification: 10th Class