When you are beginning something, the first step is always filled with nervousness and anticipation. Your first day at college, especially an engineering one is special and unforgettable.

At CV Raman, first year freshers are welcomed by an awaiting campus and warm faculty. From amicable seniors to cooperative faculty and non-teaching staff, the freshers get to interact with a lot of new faces.

For the hostellers, first day of college is more exciting as well as trying because some of them have left their homes for the first time to live away from their parents. It is a bittersweet experience for them because even though they are away from family and old friends they make new friends who become their family here.

As fellow batchmates, freshers are helpful to each other and soon make friends within the batch. Through interactions they bond and connect with each other to make the next four years of their life easier. Their seniors also are instrumental in easing them into the groove of an aspiring engineers’ life. Some seniors turn out to be friends, some turn out to be lifelong mentors and others are people you have some great memories with at the end of your college life.

The faculties too are very warm and welcoming, and whether its your first day or any other day they remain approachable with queries regarding the university or studies. Our faculty motivates freshers to be the best version of themselves in the upcoming four years of their life.

Altogether, the excitement of entering a new phase of your life and the novelty of exploring a new campus with new friends around laces the experiences of first day at an engineering college. No matter who you ask, first day is a day of interesting memories for everyone.