As an eco-conscious community, we embed the principles of sustainability in everything we do. It is our core value and also our way of life at CGU. All our activities and endeavours, therefore, adhere to good environmental practices. We engage with relevant stakeholders as required to address challenges that threaten the planet and improveenvironmental performance to create a better tomorrow for all.


Our long-term environmental priorities include energy conservation. We inculcate habits and practices on campus to reduce energy consumption significantly. We raise awareness among staff and students through workshops, conferences, events and webinars and sensitise them about environmental issues. We make optimal use of glass to make use of natural light abundantly on the college campus. We ensure lights, fans, and equipment are switched off when not in use and have installed airconditioners only where necessary. We use energy-efficient compact fluorescent tubes and ceiling fans with the highest star ratings.


At CGU Odisha, we make sustainable choices to conserve energy. We use alternative sources of energy such as sunlight, wind and rain to generate solutions that can contribute towards the long-term prosperity of the planet.


We collect the rainwater from the campus to be stored and used later. While helping us address everyday needs, rainwater harvesting is also helping us build and maintain a cleaner and greener campus.


In an effort to neutralize carbon emissions, we focus on planting and nurturing trees. We also involve staff and students who work together to further the ‘green’ initiatives of CGU. We educate them through different programmes and urge them to make more sustainable choices to reduce carbon emissions.


An initiative extremely dear to us, tree plantation allows us to underline the importance of the environment and ecology. We encourage students to plant and grow trees through Van Mahotsav and teach them the right way to care. We have bagged first prize year after year at numerous flower competitions and garden competitions held at the State level. We have also won the AICTW Clean Campus Award (Eastern Zone).


The right waste management practices must be adhered to at all times. We ensure the disposal of hazardous substances along with solid and liquid waste through a company authorized by the State Pollution Control Board, Odisha after completing the necessary formalities.