The Anti Ragging Committee is hereby constituted with the following members of the University as per the University Grant Commission Regulation published in the Gazette of India from time to time for curbing the Menace of Ragging in the University.

Sl. No.MembersDesignation
1Prof. (Dr.) Sudhindra Nath Panda, Vice Chancellor-CGUChairman
2Prof. Priyadarshi Kanungo, Dean Faculty of EngineeringMember
3Representative (s) faculty members & non-teaching staff
Dr. Amaresh Ch. Panda, CWH ,
Mr. M. K. Nayak, Asst. Prof-Mechanical Dept.
Mr. D.P. Mishra, Legal Officer
4Representative of Parents
Mr. Bhaskar Chandra Panda
Mr. Samarendra Kumar Mohapatra
5Representative of Students
Ms. Masoom Kirti, EE -4″ year
Mr. Anshuman Sahoo, CSE-3rd Year
Mr. Krishna Lal, CSE-2nd Year
Mr. Kumar Keshav,CSE-1st Year
6Dr. Sukant Kishoro Bisoy, Dean, Students’ WelfareConvener

The Committee shall ensure compliance with the provisions of UGC Regulation as well as the provisions of any law for the time being in force concerning ragging and also to monitor and oversee the performance of the Anti Ragging Squad for prevention of ragging in the University. The Head of the Department of the Student Branch, one senior faculty member recommended by the HOD of the Department, and the Class Representative are to be invited as Special Invitees to such committee in the event that any case is received by the committee.