A thriving campus replete with state-of-the-art infrastructure and tree-lined avenues sets the stage for learning in classrooms and beyond. CGU Odisha is diverse in its offerings and prides itself on being an innovation hub where young minds come together to learn, inspire and innovate. We have put in a lot of thought while building the infrastructure because we believe it plays a big role in enabling favourable student outcomes and reducing the dropout rate.

Infrastructure at CGU is constantly evolving with new and modern facilities and equipment being added all the time to facilitate the student journey. A sprawling premise housing some of the most equipped laboratories, libraries, academic buildings and auditorium is worthy of a visit. For fun and recreation, we also have a well-appointed guest house, swimming pool, cafeteria and a health care centre.



With more than 64,081 books, 2,2220 journals and 59 periodicals, our library is nothing but a temple of knowledge. It is fully automated and has everything from CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, online databases and micro-documents to video cassettes, books, journals, theses and reports. Hi-tech audio-visual facilities within the library enable us to offer NPTEL video courses too.


3 well-equipped auditoriums with different seating capacities and excellent acoustics serve as the perfect venue for workshops, conferences and seminars. The S.C. Bhadra Auditorium houses more than 400 people, while the RIHC Auditorium accommodates over 250 people. The very modern Bosch Auditorium has emerged as a popular destination thanks to its incredible acoustics.


A large, spacious well-equipped conference hall with different seating capacities sets the tone for knowledge sharing via seminars, workshops and conferences.


Staff members and students can avail snacks and delicious meals at the university canteen. The highest quality standards are adhered to in order to ensure health and hygiene.


The centrally-located cafeteria serves as the perfect venue where students and staff members can unwind, enjoy freshly cooked meals and snacks or grab a cup of coffee. The prices are extremely affordable and the food choices are aplenty.


The campus includes 6 hostels to house 2,500 students. Separate hostels are provided to boys and girls who can choose between individual and shared accommodation. They can also opt for air-conditioned rooms. All hostels are equipped with generators, water coolers and dining halls.


TWe offer excellent opportunities for fitness enthusiasts to unwind on campus. Students can pursue different activities like football, cricket and hockey based on individual talent. The campus includes a well-maintained basketball court, volleyball court and gymnasium to promote wellness.


A swim in the pool can be a perfect way to de-stress. We ensure a well-maintained pool is available for our students to help them rejuvenate.


To provide 24X7 care, we have healthcare professionals on campus. A well-equipped dispensary addresses the medical needs of students though we have an advanced care ambulance service too to respond quickly in case of medical emergencies.