Climate is the condition in which we live and get influenced by. It also gets influenced by our activities. Humans and the earthen climate are in a symbiotic relationship of existence which we often forget. Abrupt climate change and disruption in world climate are a call to develop a climate conscious mentality, a fact that CV Raman global university has recognized time and again.

Along with being a global campus, the campus of CGU is also a sustainable ecofriendly one.

The campus is built around the principles of Renewable energy and Energy conservation, Water harvesting, maintenance of carbon neutrality and plantation. The campus has energy efficient lights and layout that relies on natural light. As another step towards smart use of energy, the campus utilizes alternative renewable sources of energy such as solar energy to balance out any excess of usage.

The CGU campus is a green campus where rain water harvesting and storage is executed. The water harvested is used to irrigate the numerous trees that are planted all over the campus to reduce carbon emissions. The university is a reflection of its staff and students who are very aware in matters of climate conservation and cleanliness. The university has a sustainable way of disposing off liquid , solid and hazardous wastes. These efforts collectively make CGU an ecofriendly, clean campus that promotes a peaceful relationship between humans and nature.

The CV Raman Global University has gained recognition at many platforms for being an environment friendly campus, most notable of which is the AICTE award Clean Campus award 2017 (eastern zone)