CV Raman Group of Institutions has consistently aimed at creating tech innovators and entrepreneurs out of the students who walk into its premises for higher education. We believe that technology is vast and can be found in every section of life, it is how you can use it to make a difference in the society that we live in that matters. Students have brilliant, young minds that when given the right environment can create sparks of ingenuity and innovation.

To nurture such minds and encourage innovative brilliance, CV Raman Global university is the only university in eastern India to set up two incubation centres on campus. We believe an idea can be the seed of something great if watered with belief and that has led us to establishing CVRCE Technology incubator Foundation and AIC C V Raman College of Engineering Foundation.

  1. CVRCE Technology incubator foundation

The foundation focuses on innovation and enterprise in the field of agriculture, food, and food technology under the National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations –Technology Business Incubator (NIDHI – TBI) it functions on the core value of “ Mind to Market” which translates as, the center looks for an innovative idea which can be beneficial to society, its food safety and can be enlarged into a thriving enterprise. In Odisha and in India, where the majority of the population is engaged in the primary sector of agriculture, an incubator foundation that aims at bringing to the fore endeavors that make a positive impact on agriculture and food safety are necessary.

CVRCE technology incubator has various initiatives like Meri yatra, Student Associate program and call for Innovators with an aim to keep inspiring people to revolutionize agriculture technology and business.

2. Atal Incubation Centre CV Raman College of Engineering Foundation

 Atal Incubation Centre established under the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) of National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), AIC-CVRCEF envisions building a startup ecosystem to enable technological innovation that are effective solutions to common problems in the society.   AIC-CVRCEF is an ideal incubation centre that has brainstorming sessions, consultancy, suitable mentors, and a network needed for an idea to develop into a viable startup.  It aims at assisting students in transforming their intellectual capital into business capital. In the field of Agriculture and Allied Fields, Electricity, New and Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Sensor Technology, Manufacturing and Engineering, it aims in supporting thought leaders and propelling their business into progress even by giving them the managerial and operational assistance they need in the early phase of business. The two incubation centers CV Raman Group of Institutions are edifice that stands witness to the technical and visionary brilliance of CGU’s students that is an integral part of its legacy. CGU does not only produce capable youth but leaders of the next generation in technology and business.