The land of India has been blessed with many scientific minds since its inception. Through our ancient scriptures and heritage, we have known the presence of great scientific minds around us since generations. Even in the ancient times, the country of India has been academically strong with the presence of prestigious institutions such as the Nalanda University, the Takshashila University and other universities that saw students and pilgrims from around the world come in for the pearls of knowledge and wisdom that was only available in India. These prestigious institutions were the epicentres of scientific and academic knowledge to which the entire world looked up to for pioneering in science and knowledge. The illustrious history of yesteryear’s academic excellence inspires the present set of institutions to emulate the values of the ancient institutions and create success at par with their older counterparts.

The CV Raman Global University also aims at recreating the success story of the ancient institutions through its constant strive for excellence and is inspired by the achievements of the scholars and eminent scientists the country has given the world of science. CV Raman Global University