A prestigious part of the CV Raman Group of Institutions, The CV Raman Global University is a leading engineering institution of the state and country with facilities for the new age students who want to become eminent engineers of tomorrow. The CV Raman Global University is among the top engineering universities of India, well equipped to train engineers under many disciplines in a multidisciplinary environment. Taking it inspiration from the National Education Policy 2020, the university takes a multidisciplinary and skill-based approach to engineering studies, helping the young become adept professionals and able leaders in the field of engineering and innovation.

The University has been recently declared a Global University, but even as an engineering college, CV Raman College of Engineering had always been listed in good engineering colleges of India. Students from different parts of the country have made the institution their alma mater and chosen it for their higher studies and as a stepping stone for their future career. As an engineering college too, it was one of the top private colleges for engineering in India, and its students have left a legacy of success and supreme achievements in the field of engineering.

The CV Raman Global University was started in the year 2020 as a greater footprint of the CV Raman Group of Institutions. The CV Raman Global University has many disciplines under its umbrella of academics and has streams such as civil engineering, electronics engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Apart from the core branches of engineering the university has also included new branches like marine engineering, thermal engineering as well as production engineering. At CV Raman Global University, we understand that the students of today are eager to explore the different areas of engineering and venture into newer streams of engineering which have led into better innovations and technological advances.  The university is the best university to study engineering whether you are looking at a B.Tech in Electrical engineering, an M.Tech in Mechanical engineering or a Ph.d for Chemical engineering.

In its sprawling and modern campus, the CV Raman Global University has instated modern laboratories, centres of excellence, and incubation foundations in which engineering students are groomed into able professionals, some of them even transitioning into entrepreneurs and business leaders. The advanced labs have some of the most advanced lab equipment and training facilities for budding engineers. Besides engineering, the university also offers courses in physics and chemistry. It is a one stop destination for scientific and engineering research and has produced top engineering researchers for the state. Whether it is in the field of profession or research students of CV Raman Global University have excelled in their careers. From students in the field to honed professionals, the University shapes those who walk through its gates for technical knowledge into leaders of technology tomorrow. Under the guidance of its learned and distinguished faculty and in a conducive environment, the future engineers flourish into changemakers and innovators.

At CV Raman Global University, engineers are inspired from the people around them and from the lives of different engineering geniuses that have created some of the world’s biggest technical marvels for posterity. This is why, we understand the need of inspiring people through examples and here are few examples of the world’s greatest engineers who inspire the engineers of today even now through the gravity of their work.

  1. Nikola Tesla

One of the greatest electrical engineers of all time, Nikola Tesla was a Serbian engineer who chose the country of America as his workplace and migrated to it at the young age of 28. Born in the 1850s, Tesla started learning the basics of electrical engineering from a young age and went on invent some of the most important inventions of electrical field without a formal education or degree. He became an independent inventor after coming to America and working with Thomas Edison for a brief period of time. The inventor, creator, electrical engineer and mechanical engineer was an inventor way beyond his times with his futuristic innovations. The engineer invented the induction motor, fluorescent lighting and Tesla coil, all important inventions still in use today. The engineer also invented a wireless remote-controlled boat, a first of its kind and probably the first one of smart devices. You can say he laid the foundation for modern electricity with his AC current generation system. The inventor is seen as an inspiration today and world’s leading mechanical inventor company Tesla is named after him.

  • Thomas Edison-

Thomas Alva Edison is an American engineer and researcher who is regarded as America’s greatest inventor because of his contribution to the field of science which eventually led to the start of industrialization in the country. The inventor is credited with many firsts, like setting up the first industrial research laboratory in America and also as the pioneer of collaboration in the field of science by collaborating with many researchers at one time for his inventions. His most famous collaboration had been with Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla. He was an invention genius holding 1,093 patents to his name in the US and many other in other countries. He is credited with the invention of the light bulb, one of the biggest and path breaking inventions in the field of electricity and industrialization. He is also credited with the invention of the motion picture camera and the phonograph which were very important inventions for media and communications. Whether it’s the Dictaphone or the first automatic printer, Thomas Edison is credited with the invention of prototypes for some of the most relevant and still in use machines.

  • Henry Ford

One of Edison’s most famous collaborators and the founding father of the automobile company Ford, Henry Ford is known for industrialising the mass production of cars which led to its availability to the public and ushered in a revolution in the field of transport and automobiles. He might not have invented the first car, but he introduced streamlined processes of mass production for automobiles which brought the car to the public by making them affordable. His mass production process not only impacted the 20th century but also changed the course of history by changing the modes of transport for future generations. He revolutionised the manufacturing industry by introducing inexpensive methods of mass production that led to the increase of wages for the Industrial workers and fuelled the rise of the working class. Ford’s Model T, was the first affordable and accessible car in the world and started a trend of affordable cars for the middle class.

  • Archimedes-

 Archimedes was a Greek Scientist, physicist, inventor and engineer who is credited for many theories and practical inventions that are the founding principles of today’s inventions. He is regarded as the greatest mathematical genius of all time and many mathematical theorems and values are credited to Archimedes excellence in mathematical research. The mathematician and engineer is credited with deriving the area of a circle, the surface area and volume of a sphere through calculus and mathematical estimation. Archimedes is also credited with the approximation of the value of pi which is still in use for people and mathematicians around the world. He developed the relationship between mathematics and physics to form a field of study called the hydrostatics and is regarded as one of the pioneers of ancient science and engineering. He invented simple machines like the screw pump and also the compound pulleys that are used in complex machines even today. He was one of the most revered scientists of his time and built innovative defence mechanisms for the protection of his native country. For his inventions and ideas, he was regarded as a national treasure.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci-

The greatest painters of all time was actually the greatest genius of all time. He is seen as someone with superhuman scientific and logical abilities and is called the universal genius as his engineering ideas were ahead of his time and continue to astound engineers even today. While most of the scientists get restricted to one field of research in their career, Da Vinci had varied interests ranging from advanced mechanics to human anatomy to art. The baffling fact is that he showed his ingenuity in all these fields and was in true sense an innovator. His plans for an advanced flying machine could very well be the initial plans for the modern aeroplane. With a technique designed for concentrating solar power, the Renaissance age inventor is credited for developing plans for futuristic solar power harnessing and alternative sources of energy that is yet to be fully explored by man. Da Vinci is also thought to be the one behind the innovation of the modern parachute, tank and helicopter, giving a glimpse of his genius and life story that is relevant to engineers even today.   Even though Leonardo could not directly influence the science of that period due to the lack of metallurgical and scientific development in Renaissance period, he is still seen as the scientific genius behind many important discoveries and inventions in the field of civil engineering, geology, anatomy and optics.

Future engineers at the CV Raman Global University just like engineers around the world are inspired from the life and works of some greatest of all-time engineers of the world.