There are a certain set of skills that employers look for in their future employees when they go head hunting for a job. These skills are necessary to possess when you want to secure a desirable job for themselves. The skill set that is most sought after is as follows:

Critical thinking skills

Critical thinking is important for analyzing any problems and challenges faced by them at work and create a solution driven approach. It is the ability of approaching a situation in a step by step and clear manner to come out with real solutions to real problem. Apart from knowledge it is how the candidate applies himself in real life situations to derive solutions.

Teamwork and collaboration

As employees it is important for them to realize that they are part of an organization and an organization is made from people who work together in tandem. A worker who lacks team work can be an excellent personality but can sometimes fall behind in being an excellent asset to the company.

Professionalism and strong work ethic

A strong work ethic and professionalism is what a profession requires. A strong work ethic symbolizes dedication for work and the ability to maintain work life balance. Professionalism entails getting the job done on time and perfectly.

Oral and written communication skills

In this time and age oral and written communication is important both in workplace and social media. It is only with proficient communication skills that the goals of everyday work can be achieved properly. Being literate in digital as well as personal communication is an important skill in corporate sector.

Leadership skills

In a workplace, it is the one who takes the initiative that counts as a leader. Leadership skills are a must in candidates that are searched for and groomed for top managerial posts and leadership position. Leadership skills are what drives a career to success.

These five skills are the top most desired skills in a candidate that company look for while hiring for a job.