The world of mechanics and engineering are interconnected with each other and they are mechanical tools are the power on which engineering runs. The invention of mechanics and their related tools is important for the inventions of engineering. An engineer and the mechanical inventions that he invents are interconnected as he cannot invent any new mechanical devices without help from the existing ones. Engineers from all walks of career work with mechanical tools and inventions and they are an essential part of any engineer’s tool kit. Its not only the mechanical engineer who uses these tools and mechanical innovations are used in every field of engineering.

From simple pulleys to the smallest of screws, the mechanical engineers innovate in the field of mechanics and create the tools that are used by other engineers in their profession. From a simple pulley getting used in a machine to a wheel and axle getting used in a complex machine, there are some fundamental machinery innovations that lay the foundation of all machinery used across all sectors. The invention planning, creation and use of these simple machines are all done by mechanical engineers who are instrumental in planning, designing and assembling complex machines. Complex machines often use simple machines as part of them and are dependent on them for their functioning. The machines that are used in today’s industry may be advanced but they have evolved from these small and simple machines that are otherwise not seen in much use these days. But seeing that the human body is also a machine, the inventing new machines and also discovering them is important for engineers. The use of these innovations has been seen through many years and continue to be used even now as they are reshaped and reimagined.

At CV Raman Global University, the mechanical engineers are trained under expert faculties at the advanced labs and centres of excellence that the university houses. The CV Raman Global University is among the best of colleges and universities for mechanical engineering students and grooms the students into proper professionals of the engineering field as the students undergo training in various skills that are industry relevant. The mechanical engineers at CV Raman Global University are trained to be successful at various global level competitions and national workshops which brings the university laurels. The future mechanical engineers are trained by experts and mentors who have an extensive industrial experience. The CV Raman Global University has a skill based curriculum which is inclined towards practical applications of engineering and makes its student industry ready. Along with complex planning skills, the mechanical engineers are taught to create the most basic mechanical equipment which are also seen as the greatest innovations of mechanical engineering. The CV Raman Global University is a truly global engineering institution that is one of the best private engineering university of India and has significant presence in eastern India. The university is seen among the top engineering colleges and universities of Eastern India.

As mechanical engineers, the engineers are adept at creating the greatest mechanical innovations of all time. As an engineering science, the science of mechanical engineering is seen as one that is the mother of all engineering and the reason behind it is that the machines made by mechanical engineers is an important part of all engineering fields. The mechanical innovations have therefore been crucial to engineering and its progress since ages and will continue to do so. At CV Raman Group of Institutions, we train future mechanical engineers with care and create engineers who are able in designing machines that are complex as well as simple. The CV Raman Group of Institutions creates mechanical engineers who have a wide portfolio of skills and is employed in different sectors.  Here is a list of mechanical devices that have been created by mechanical engineers over the years since the advent of the science.

  1. Gear and cogs– the internal heartbeat of any complex machine

The use of gear and cogs is done across many sectors and are one of the most fundamental machinery to be used in engineering devices across the field. Gears and cogs are movable parts of rotating in speed that help a machine move and function. The cogs and gears can be seen in many devices and machines, from the tiniest watches to the biggest cars and automobiles of the world. Gears and cogs are therefore one of the most revolutionary and simplistic machines to be used even today.

  • Wheel and Axle– The Wheel and Axle are one of the first inventions made by man and changed the course of history for both mankind and technology by creating the most crucial and lifechanging mechanical innovation for people. While ancient people used wheel and axle for transportation and mobility over a large area, the modern wheel and axle is used in may ways. The wheel and axle have been reinvented again and again to be incorporated in newer machines and whether it’s a simple water irrigation plants in the village or the biggest Ferris wheel of the world, the Wheel and axle are irreplaceable as mechanical parts and machines.
  • Spring as a fundamental part of hinges and machines- A spring is a coiled piece of metal designed as mechanical coils which have a higher resistance to stress and store mechanical energy that is used for a movement in a particular direction. From being used in something as simple as a cloths line clip to being used in complex machines, the spring is an essential part of machines today. But the spring has been around since a long time now and will be used by people for a long time to come. As a mechanical engineer, one should be acquainted with designing and creating mechanical springs. At our industrial and production centre, the production of springs is also taught to the budding engineers who study at CV Raman Global University.
  • Electrical Motors- the basic machines used in the conduction and use of electricity run machines. The Electrical motor is used to change the AC and DC current and function in middle of the electrical cycle needed for the functioning of machines. The electrical motors are used by people to power electric machines and is also seen in automobiles today. The electrical motor was invented centuries ago and is still relevant as a mechanical device.
  • Pulleys for lifting heavy weight and the distribution of stress. – The pulley is a simple machine made of a set of different wheels, in combination with belts to create the right setup for carrying out the lifting of heavy weights by coordinated movement. An example of a pulley is a simple one used to draw water from the wells in villages or the use of belts and pulleys in conveyor belts and other setups which are used to exert force on objects. The hook of a JCB which is also designed to lift heavy objects can be the example of a pulley.
  • Stainless steel- Whether for use in making utensils or making wires for conduction, the formulation of Stainless steel was an important one for the industry, While earlier, iron was used for majority of metal machinery and everyday objects, the use of stainless steel changed it as it became one of the strongest, durable and most used alloys of metal in the field of technology and engineering. Stainless steel was discovered in the 19th century but is still very much in use because of its properties. While iron rusts, stainless steel does not and that makes it an ideal alloy to replace iron in mechanical creations.
    • Screws for holding things together and assembling different parts of a machine-

    Screws are simple machines which have grooves and markings that adhere different parts of a machine to each other and help in assembling the machines, As mechanical engineers, the professionals work with screws daily. Although screws have been around since time immemorial, modern screws have a greater advanced design and are able to hold tonnes of weight together.

    • Bearings, the small parts that reduce friction – Bearings are parts of machines that reduce friction between parts while the parts are in motion and thus, ensures proper functioning of the machines even though they look insignificant and small. The bearings are used in big machines like airplanes, automobiles, generators and so on. It is also used in domestic machines like fridges.
    • Levers- Levers are simple machines that are made up of a beam used for balancing on a fulcrum on which the entire weight rests. It is like a mechanical version of the see saw. You put a force on one side and an action occurs at the other side of the lever. The lever has very different application in different fields of engineering and production and can be seen in many machines.

    As the innovations in machines continued across years, some basic innovations stayed the same and laid the foundation for newer innovations.