CV Raman Global University is a premier institution of engineering that nurtures its students on the values of legacy of science and education that the forefathers of science have left for the future generations. The university is a global higher education institution where the students from different regions of the world study under the guidance of expert faculty and get trained under a skill-based curriculum that is designed to bridge the gap between the education sector and the industrial sector.  CV Raman Global University aims at being the best engineering institution of India and continuously strives towards achieving excellence in the field of education and training. The institution aims at creating world class engineers who are capable of creating a niche for themselves in the professional world and excel at their career both nationally and globally. The students of CV Raman Global University are trained under many different disciplines and get global exposure through different national and international competitions. The campus of CV Raman Global University is an ultra-modern campus with 25 centres of excellence that make the students ready with many industrially relevant skills that makes them into learned professionals who are ready to face any professional challenges they are faced with at their workspaces. The CV Raman Global University is a leading institution in the Eastern India which has for many years been featured in the NIRF rankings of the country. The University has been adjudged the 5th best university of Eastern India according to the Times Engineering Survey and this achievement has been possible due to the collective effort of our students, teachers and guides who have upheld the values of the vision that is the foundation of CV Raman Global University’s journey to the acme of excellence.

CV Raman Global University trains thousands of engineers every year in its premises and creates a professional engineering workforce for the industries. Its Centres of Excellence are equipped with the best training equipment and staff to train the upcoming engineers in various skills and professional assets that will come in handy in their career ahead. Its advanced laboratories are places of experimental learning that prepares them with problem solving skills and critical thinking abilities. CV Raman Global University is the proud alma mater of professional engineers and leaders in the engineering field who have achieved success in the field.

Even for the most successful engineers, the year 2020 and even now, the work life balance has been hard to find. While before, work life balance was elusive in high pressure fields like on site engineering, the introduction of Work from Home style of working has blurred out the lines between the domestic life and work life, making it difficult to find a work life balance.  Finding the correct work life balance helps you in becoming more productive and more committed to your work. Without work life balance the creativity and problem-solving abilities of an engineer are affected and an engineer will eventually feel burnt out from the stress. To create stable work forces and a strong team it is important for engineering companies to find work life balance for their employees.

Here’s how engineers can ensure a work life balance in their profession at an individual level-

  1. Disconnect from work– Nowadays, work has become more reliant on machines and this has its positive side as well as negative side too. Engineers are more productive with the help of machines at their workplaces. However, the use of machine also poses the threat of addiction to digital screens and technology. With the use of machines employees can connect over distances and engineers can work in teams even remotely. However, the use of machines also puts extreme expectations on the shoulders of engineers to be available at any time and work from anywhere. This erases the difference between online and work life and offline life. To restore work life balance it is important to unplug from work after putting in the necessary hours. Machines help in staying in touch with work and make it easy to work but not detaching from machines and digital space affects physical and mental health. Drawing boundaries between the time you invest in work and off it is important and starts with detaching from machines and technology used to work.
    1. Instead of wasting time, boost productivity

    During work from home or in between work commitments, it is now common to while away time on social media or other apps and just scrolling endlessly on the feed. It is important to consciously choose work and finish your work priorities on time instead of wasting time on social media and other apps. Prioritising the work and laying down the to do list to finish it one after the other, is important to finish work on time and return back to your personal life. If the work commitments are organised and get over on time they will not spill into your personal life and topple the work life balance.

    • Restructuring the work schedule to prioritise work responsibilities-

    An engineer may have many tasks to complete at office. However, this does not mean that they need to be done all at one moment. A hard worker gets the job done, a smart worker prioritises the tasks and gets the job done while saving his energy. Looking at your work schedule and knowing where to do tweaks so that you can work without burning yourself out is important. Listing out all the tasks of the day and doing them according to the order of priority helps in finishing them one at a time and does not get you overburdened with work. Even in your personal life outsourcing some tasks and errands can help you.

    • Remember to exercise and relax

    Exercising and relaxing after work can help engineers destress. Taking breaks in middle of long working schedules to do light exercises and keep your body active is important for your health. Using the time off to exercise is good for your mental and physical health.

    • Taking conscious decisions to change your lifestyle

    A decision to change the imbalance work life equation starts with you and changing the lifestyle one step at a time can be instrumental in changing the way you perceive work. Knowing where you are lacking balance and organisation in life, can be the first step towards adopting a better lifestyle. Making healthy changes in your lifestyle and reorganising your life to separate the work and personal life from each other can be crucial to maintaining work life balance.  Sometimes, more than the office, it is the domestic life that is disorganised and introducing changes in the way you function in domestic sphere can also be helpful.

    • Knowing that not every model of work life balance works for everyone-

    As an industrial organisation, something that a company and its leadership should know that the personal priorities of every employee are different and everyone has a different recipe to work life balance and job satisfaction. As a company or the leader of a team, an individual has to ensure that the work policy aligns with most of the common goals outlined by the employees and helps them find work life balance at a basic level at least. Having a flexible work policy that accommodates the priorities of most of the employees and allows the employees to find their own definition of job satisfaction is important.

    • Communicating and open mindset-

    An open environment at work that promotes healthy discussion on work life balance and is supportive of the personal decisions you make is important. Discussing how to find work life balance with your manager or team and coming to agreeable terms regarding it can be crucial to creating the balance for the employees.

    • Establishing and sharing common goals for the organisation of work-

    A team that works together for common goals of the organisation and finds shared commitment to the company also enjoys work life balance together. Understanding the vision behind the company that you are working for and discussing the common goals that your team has to achieve for it can set work process coordination within the team. With greater coordination comes greater productivity at work. Productivity at work is behind greater job satisfaction and ultimately to work life balance. Again, communication and teamwork lie at the core of sharing of goals and tasks.

    • Flexibility and change in the work place

    The definition of work life balance changes over time and a company should have flexible policies to accommodate the needs of its employees while working. Changing the work place conduct and rules, and introducing flexibility in work process can be helpful in giving employees the window to balance their personal and professional life.

    As engineers, professionals face a lot of pressure at work place and are in charge of highly demanding responsibilities. Allowing flexibility in the mindset and work process at the work place, especially now that the work place has expanded in its definition is important to finding work life balance as professional engineers.