As parents, you want to secure the best education for your child. An education is not just made from books, but from the environment the education is received in, the teachers who give the education and the opportunities the student gets to apply the education in practical life.

All these concerns together make one big question for the parents, is the college we are looking to send our child to the correct college to do so?

Here are 5 questions this larger question can be broken up into

Does the University have the course my child wants to pursue?

Your child is interested in a certain field and subject of engineering and you want to find out whether the university has the course and if so, is the course cohesive and beneficial for the child. Some new branches of engineering need a greater understanding and the question can help you understand the pro and cons of the course too.

What are the university facilities like? Is hostel facility available?

You would want to ensure that your child has the best of facilities at his dispense when he is on campus. As a student his maximum time of the day is spent on campus so making sure that the university you are choosing has a student friendly campus with modern amenities is important. The option of available accommodation has a great impact on the university’s reputation and relevance. A University should be pan regional, which means students from across different regions should come to study in it, where the availability of on campus accommodation becomes crucial.

What is the scope of the course my child is opting for?

Education is for the future of the child, so, as parents you have to be assured of the employment opportunities that the course unlocks for him and whether it is the right career path for him. Choose a course that is employment oriented and gives room to explore excellent career opportunities for your child.

How is an applicant termed eligible for the course he has opted for?

For different universities, there are different procedures of accepting an applicant as a student. Often the selection procedure lacks clarity for you and you would like an insider to explain the workings to you. From eligibility criteria to the rules of disqualification, this question asks about everything written in finer print.

What scholarships are available?

Who does not like to avail a good scholarship? When you are looking at university options, you would like to know the scholarships and fee waivers available and if your kid is eligible for any of those.

These are the few FAQs that parents ask during admission counselling and are few that can be addressed at counselling forums by any academic counselor of the University.