Chemical engineering deals with the production, transportation, transformation, operation and management, design and development of industrial processes and processes involved in commercial production of everyday life products as well as other commodities of necessity. It is a versatile branch of engineering that amalgamates natural sciences like biology, with experimental sciences like maths and chemistry to design and streamline processes for improved production. Chemical engineering thus, is the foundation of industrial production and commercialization of goods. Chemical engineering deals with the sciences of Maths, chemistry, biology, physics and economics. The multidiscipline nature of chemical engineering often earns the chemical engineers a moniker of ‘Universal engineers’ because chemical engineers are adept in many subjects and can assume problem solving role in different industries.

Chemical Engineers have the knowledge that can potentially change the world. Chemical engineers create items making life simpler and better for other people. The items you will create as a chemical engineer are essential for regular daily life. Chemical engineers have the power to stop climate change, introduce sustainability, and resolve issues of starvation and destitution in the world with their innovative solutions.

A chemical engineer impacts different zones of innovation by considering and planning measures for creating, changing, and moving materials. Before a chemical engineer utilizes these materials for full scale creation, there is a lot of experimentation in the lab.

The many reasons of going for a career in Chemical engineering is as follows-

  1. Hefty pay– Because of the high level of skills that Chemical engineers possess and the multidisciplinary education that they get, chemical engineers are in huge demand in almost all sectors of the manufacturing and commercial industry. This increases the remuneration and figure they get as salary. Chemical engineers are placed at some of the highest paying jobs and are earn handsome salaries for their work in different industries. If you are looking for a high earning career, go for chemical engineering as your area of study.
  1. Specialize in almost any field- Because Chemical engineers are learned in many subjects, their foundation and fundamentals in engineering is strong enough to aid their specialization in different areas of engineering. Chemical engineers have the flexibility to pursue higher education in fields such as environmental engineering, Agricultural engineering, Production engineering, Nuclear engineering and Petrochemical engineering. By specializing in other fields, a chemical engineer can strengthen his resume and aim for promotions and niche jobs.
  1. Research Opportunities– Chemical engineering is a confluence of many sciences like physical and biological as well as chemical sciences. This opens an opportunity for the scientifically inclined engineers who want to research in pure science. Chemical Engineering is one of those fields which are as yet innovating and with this advancement comes the requirement for incredible research. For individuals who love to improve processes and are innovative, Chemical Engineering gives a remarkable stage where you can exhibit your ability. Ingenuity is constantly invited in Chemical Engineering.
  1. Scope in India– With the technology in India advancing and advent of many technologically advanced innovations, the scope for Chemical engineers in India has increased manifold over the years. India with its manufacturing ventures can be an ideal industrial environment for the employment of chemical engineers.  In addition to this, an ever-increasing number of organizations are searching for new astute alumni from a foundation in Chemical Engineering in order to work for the climate related issues.
  • Less competition in the stream- Because chemical engineering is a new and tough stream to master few students usually end up selecting this branch. The competition is a lot lesser than the branches like Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. This guarantees that you’re continually getting the lion’s share of opportunities for yourself.  Chemical Engineering in India is offered by just the top education institutes like CV Raman Global University where the nature of instruction is amazingly high and makes it an elite choice of career.
  • Recession proof– The chemical engineering industry is recession proof as chemical engineers occupy crucial post in the manufacturing and planning sector. As the consumer demand for essential items and consumer goods never die down, the demand and opportunities for the chemical engineers will also never die. Even if one industry faces an economic roadblock, another industry always has place for a chemical engineer in its workforce.
  • Large brands employ chemical engineers– The leading companies of India, like Reliance group, Tata Motors. Indian Oil Corporation, ONGC

Tata steel, Bharat Petroleum employ chemical engineers. So, you will get the best exposure and experience if you choose to pursue chemical engineering as a career.

Numerous chemical engineers work in assembling, planning and designing machines and production plants, smoothing out the production process. They must guarantee that the production cycles run easily and in the most practical way conceivable. As a rule, these sorts of occupations have the title process engineer. Chemical engineers are behind the manifestations and assembling of a wide scope of items, for example, plastics, paper, colors, drugs, polymers, manures, petrochemicals, and even numerous food items.

Chemical engineers who take up conventional career opportunities work in the oil and gas industry, chemical synthesis and large-scale production, or drug production. Chemical engineers may don the responsibilities of a research fellow, work in process development, or as production managers, and might be involved in large scale process design, creating equipment according to the need of the processes, designing and strengthening production processes. They also look after waste treatment and judicious disposal of industrial waste. With these varied roles, a chemical engineer finds himself at top posts in many different industries.

The different industries that employ a chemical engineer are as follows-

1. Petroleum and gas industry– The petroleum industry has diverse career opportunities and there are a multitude of job roles available for a chemical engineer. A chemical engineer can be workingin rigs, ships and oil tankers as well as petroleum extraction on sea also. Synthetic designers are a basic asset to the petroleum industry, so as to ensure oil and oil materials’ smooth and safe transition into gas tanks, and that the right chemical processes are utilized to get raw petroleum into a usable form. As extraction and refining of petroleum and natural gas is becoming increasingly difficult, chemical engineers are in great demand in the petrochemical industry.

2. Environmental sustainability

Chemical engineers often work as environment engineers creating solutions for environment remediation. Chemical engineers address ecological difficulties. Their one-of-a-kind aptitude empowers them to create cutting edge innovations, observing gadgets, demonstrating procedures, and working systems that decrease the volume and harmfulness of toxic compoundsemitted to enter the air, streams, and soil. They create processes tosignificantly diminish the negative natural effect of modern offices, power plants, and transportation vehicles on environment. They also streamline waste management and reuse of byproducts from industrial processes.

3. Pharmaceutical industry-With the   strict and hefty guidelines of the pharmaceutical industry there is a requirement for engineers who can guarantee the adherence of drug production process to appropriate guidelines. This should be done on both an assembling level and at lab stages, both in R and D as well as QC testing.

With such a wide scope of chemical cycles and assembling gear utilized, it is no big surprise that chemical engineers assume a significant part in the turn of events and production of drug items. There are various divisions that profit by the abilities a chemical engineer can bring to a drug manufacturing unit including appropriate adaptable aptitudes when working with creation and packaging gear. In the event that a plant-based job isn’t something you are keen on there are various lab and office-based functions inside the logical business that would be reasonable.

4. Nanotechnology- Chemical engineering is at the cutting edge of the newly developing Nanotechnology field.

Nanotechnology has made colossal steps in the most recent decade, developing first as a fundamental science and afterward quickly as a designing skill. Specifically, nanotechnology as applied to science and medication has pulled in noteworthy curiosity as a result of the one-of-a-kind properties of nanomaterials and their similarity to natural materials. The most recent developments in nanotechnology are nano architecture material that can store energy. The development of such materials needs the involvement of expert chemical engineers.

5. Biotechnology– With the development of biotechnology as an independent field and the scaling up of biological processes to commercialize bioprocessing products, the role of chemical engineers in the biotechnology industry is increased with the demand for scaling and streamlining processes rising. The rising field of biotechnology — in which artificial biological systems are created — offers numerous open doors for chemical engineers.

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