What do chemical engineers do?

Chemical engineering is one field that offers many opportunities to apply science to real-world challenges. All engineers employ mathematics, physics, and the engineering art to overcome technical problems in a safe and economical fashion. Yet, it is the chemical engineer alone that draws upon the vast and powerful science of chemistry to solve a wide range of problems. The breadth of scientific and technical knowledge inherent in the profession has caused some to describe the chemical engineer as the “universal engineer.”

Chemical engineers translate processes developed in the lab into practical applications for the commercial production of products and then work to maintain and improve those processes. They rely on the science of math, physics, and chemistry biology and economics. The main role of chemical engineers is to design and troubleshoot processes for the production of chemicals, fuels, foods, pharmaceuticals, and biologicals, just to name a few. They are most often employed by large-scale manufacturing plants to maximize productivity and product quality while minimizing costs. Chemical engineers work in almost every industry and affect the production of almost every article manufactured on an industrial scale. They design production processes with compliance health, safety, and environmental regulations. Chemical engineers typically work in manufacturing plants, research laboratories, or pilot plant facilities. At a minimum, a four-year bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, with coursework in chemistry, physics, math is required. Some universities like CV Raman Global University offer a B.Tech , M.Tech and Ph.D in Chemical  Engineering.

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