About Us

Drone Technology Centre of Excellence is a pioneering centre of the C. V. Raman Global University, situated in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. It has a high-tech laboratory for drone designing, manufacturing, assembling, maintenance, and research & development.The Center offers consultation on drone systems, research and capacity-building projects, and project collaborations.

This centre aims to enhance the basic concepts of drones and assemble a complete drone from scratch, teach the calibration of its flight parameters, train to fly them manually and program them for autonomous flight.

Nowadays drone technologies are used for precise aerial photography, shipping and delivery, geographical mapping, precision agriculture and research and rescue.By acquiring these skills, students can unlock career opportunities, enhance productivity, optimize energy usage, and become a valuable asset in the areas like agriculture, construction, mining and also the military.

Our Team

Prof.(Dr.) N.S .Das


Email Id: nsdas@cgu-odisha.ac.in

Mobile No: 9437390536

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sahoo

Centre in charge

Email Id: sahoorakeshkumar66@gmail.com

Mobile No: 7008644502


Courses Offered