Dear exchange students!
Hello and thank you for considering C.V. Raman Global University (CGU) as the host for your student exchange. C.V. Raman Global University (CGU) is now home to 300+ international students from 20+ nations, including exchange students from all over the world. Exchange program permits international students to take courses and projects at CGU, India for a semester while paying educational cost at their home institution, with the potential to exchange course credit back to their home institution. We welcome you to the CGU. You have the opportunity to study with us for one or two semesters as a guest student. The faculties for exchange program cover: Engineering, Science and Technology, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Management, Marine etc. We hope that this webpage will offer assistance and help to make your stay at the university both productive and pleasant. We wish you a pleasant stay in India at CGU.


Application Procedure For Exchange Students

You are eligible for an exchange to CGU if you satisfy the following, relevant conditions:

  • You need to be registered as a full-time student at your home institution at the time of your application and while you are on exchange at CGU.
  • You have to demonstrate proficiency in English however, undergraduate students and graduate students for whom the medium of language is English may not have to demonstrate English proficiency.
  • The initial step involves your home university nominating you to the Office of International Relations at CGU. Nominations should be submitted to int.relat@cgu-, or your home university may nominate you directly to the international office at CGU.
  • Once your home university has successfully nominated you for exchange studies at CGU, you are required to download the application form and mail the duly filled application and required documents to the CGU exchange program coordinator Download Application form. It is not necessary to submit a hard copy of the application.These documents include your Transcript of Records from your home university, a completed Learning Agreement, a Language Certificate and other relevant documents. Please note that your application will only be considered complete and eligible for processing after you have diligently followed all the steps in the application system, providing all the necessary information.
  • Following the submission of your application and subsequent approval by your host institute, you will receive an acceptance letter from us. This letter will be accompanied by comprehensive information pertaining to living and studying in CGU, ensuring you are well-prepared for your upcoming exchange experience.

Supporting Students with special status

Embarking on a student mobility experience is a fantastic opportunity for personal growth and expanding your horizons. It promises to be a memorable journey filled with rich experiences. We extend a warm invitation for you to join the international student exchange program at the CGU. While the primary objective of your exchange is to acquire new knowledge and experiences, we encourage you to approach your studies with dedication. Rest assured, there will be ample time for enjoyable moments.

Our aim is to ensure that you seamlessly integrate into our university and embrace life in our country, irrespective of your socio-economic background or any other personal circumstances. To facilitate this, we have compiled practical information to guide you through your participation in the international student exchange program at the CGU. Here, we outline the special status granted to students and detail the support mechanisms available to assist you with necessary adjustments both before and during your exchange programme.


Student’s Special Status, Adjustments To Studies And Study Obligations

At CGU, special status is granted to students who demonstrate exceptional achievements in sports, art, and culture, as well as to students who are parents or those with special needs, encompassing those in unique social circumstances. This special status affords students certain privileges, including adapted study plans and requirements tailored to their individual circumstances.

  • During your mobility, we offer additional support and resources to enhance your experience:

Tutoring : Specifically designed for foreign students and those with special needs. For more details and contacts, please reach out to the international exchange program coordinator at your respective faculty.

Authorized Persons for Students with Special Status : Our experienced coordinators are well- versed in integrating students with special needs into the study process. If you have specific inquiries, require adjustments, or have questions related to your personal circumstances, our coordinators can connect you with the authorized persons for further assistance.

Psychosocial Counselling Service : If you ever feel lonely during your mobility or wish to discuss personal matters or distress, our psychosocial counselling service is available to provide support.

Extracurricular Activities : The Centre for exchange programme of Students organizes various free-of-charge extracurricular activities throughout the year. These include recreation, one-on- one career counselling, workshops for developing different competences, and skills for managing your career path. As part of the University of CGU community, you will also have access to extensive online content in English.

Additional Information : For more useful details about studying and living in CGU, India, please refer to the provided link

Welcome to CGU, INDIA! We are committed to ensuring that your time here is not only academically fulfilling but also personally enriching. If you have any further questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

Rights And Obligations Of The Students Mobilised

  • The exchange programme is designed to foster the educational, professional, and personal growth of participating students and graduates. A key objective is to promote equal opportunities, accessibility, inclusion, diversity, and fairness across all program actions.

  • Furthermore, the exchange programme emphasizes on digital transformation, sustainable development, and active citizenship.
  • The programme serves as a guiding document, embodying these values and priorities. Its purpose is to provide comprehensive information to participants regarding their rights and responsibilities, ensuring the effective realization of their mobility experiences within the program. The programme plays a crucial role in facilitating successful and enriching experiences for all participants.


  • The hostel rooms are designed as doubles with shared bathroom. Foreign students are required to pay the economic price.
  • Allocation of rooms follows a "first come, first served approach based on the date and time of the online application.
  • You can submit your hostel application separately from your exchange application, and it is accessible here.
  • The hostel and mess fee ranges between 1200 USD to 2000 USD as per the availability of room and facilities.

Language Support

Language Requirements

CGU offers instruction in English language.
CGU requires that the student has very good language skills (very good knowledge in reading, writing and speaking of the English language). Please note that fluent language skills in English are vital for successful studies at the CGU.



We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to you at CGU, a distinguished university in India, renowned globally for its commitment to excellence in both teaching and research. At CGU, we are dedicated to facilitating the smooth integration of international students, researchers, and employees.

The specific procedures you will follow depend on your individual circumstances and expectations. While your country of origin will influence certain processes, you will also need to make decisions along the way. As an international student, it’s important to note that you will not be permitted to engage in part-time work while pursuing your studies in India. To begin your academic journey here, you can apply for a provisional Student Visa, which is valid for duration of 6 months, through the Indian Mission in your home country. Once you have secured confirmed admission to a program while in India, you can then apply for a Student Visa through the local FRRO/FRO office, providing the necessary documentary evidence of your confirmed admission.

Please be advised that the information provided at is intended for informational purposes. It’s important to note that procedures and details may change rapidly, and although we strive to keep the information updated regularly, some potential changes may not yet be reflected on the website.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to support you on this exciting journey ahead.

Medical Facilities

CGU has also tied up with a reputed local hospital at a close proximity from the campus. A team of qualified doctors is available to provide regular and intensive medical care to our students.

Grading System Of The Institution

CGU follows a 10 point grading system on a base of 10. The grading system does not award marks or class. Information on the grading system of CGU can be found here:

Table: Grade and respective grade points:

GradeGrade PointPerformance levelRange of Mark
O10Outstanding90 and above up to 100
E9Excellent80 and above but less than 90
A8Very Good70 and above but less than 80
B7Good60 and above but less than 70
C6Fair50 and above but less than 60
D5Pass40 and above but less than 50
F0FailBelow 40
(Re-register the
M0Mal practice

The students are given XX grade on account of non-compliance to the attendanc norms set up by the University.

Note: Grade ‘D’ shall be the Pass Grade in Theory Papers and Grade ‘C’ shall be the Pass Grade in Practical/Sessional/Project/Seminar/Viva-Voce.

Conversion Formula to percentage:

The conversion from CGPA to percentage of marks shall be as follows: Percentage of marks = (CGPA – 0.5) x 10%.

For Additional Queries

Please contact:
Dr. Soumya Mishra
(International Program Coordinator)
+91-9937086585 (Call & WhatsApp)