About Us

Over the years, technological advancement has taken a giant leap. The job profile and requirements have drastically transformed which requires a skilled workforce having exposure to modern tools and tackles. The world is changing fast and technology, even faster. Hence, to facilitate students with the cutting-edge technologies concerned with Renewable Energies, Power system trained personnel for automation in industries, C.V. Raman Global University has collaborated with GalSen, a pioneer in training lab equipment to impart training in different areas including Electrical Engineering & Electronics, Automation & Robotics, Electromechanics, Electric Power Supply, Renewable Energy and Electric Measurements. The range of hands-on skills that can be practised using the labware goes from basics electronics, electric installation work and life safety to complex disciplines like automation, electromechanics, electrical power engineering and radio engineering.

The GalSen company has produced and supplied modular educational equipment under its own brand GalSen® for technical and engineering skills and vocational training on all levels as well as for the professional development of personnel, especially in industries, power engineering and transportation.

The objective of the above centre of excellence is to expose the participants, both in-house and external to different aspects of operation, control and protection of electrical machines, power system and renewable energies. The programme covers both classroom and laboratory components in line with those recommended by Galsen. It will be highly beneficial for B.Tech., Diploma and ITI students. It will not only enhance their market value but also add to their employment potential.

Our Team

Prof. Ashwin Kumar Sahoo


Email Id: hod_electrical@cvrce.edu.in

Mobile No: 9444786904

Mr. Manish Kumar Sharma

Centre in charge

Email Id: mksharma@cgu-odisha.ac.in

Mobile No: 9430368793

Mr. Prahallada Maharana

Master Trainer

Email Id: prahallada.maharana@gmail.com

Mobile No: 9937006477

Mr. Pratyusha Kumar Sahoo

Technical Trainer

Email Id: pkigit@live.com

Mobile No: 8480098337

Mr. Amiya Kumar Dash

Technical Trainer

Email Id: amiyaranjandas@cgu-odisha.ac.in

Mobile No: 8249007712