About Us

The C.V. Raman Mitsubishi Electric Centre of Excellence, situated at C.V. Raman Global University, Odisha, stands as an authorized training centre which was inaugurated on December 16, 2022. The prime objective of this center is to impart certified training on the latest automation products offered by Mitsubishi Electric. It caters to industry personnel, students, and academicians from various institutes to empower them with knowledge and skills in automation. Furthermore, the center aims to augment research and development prospects while fostering the growth of students’ analytical abilities to identify real-world industry challenges and propose effective solutions to overcome those challenges.

Distinguished as the first and sole Authorized Training Centre (ATC) for Mitsubishi Electric FA in Odisha, the center provides access to cutting-edge equipment deployed in real-world automation applications. Through immersive hands-on training, students gain practical experience, equipping them to excel in the automation industry, which represents the future of diverse sectors. Each course schedule strikes a harmonious balance between theoretical instruction and practical training, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the automation technologies and techniques being taught.

The center’s training equipment encompasses the Mitsubishi Electric iQ-R PLC-based FA training kit, incorporating high-tech components such as HMI, VFD, Servo Amplifier, and a robot arm 4V-4FRL. Additionally, the center actively supports students in participating in the esteemed WorldSkills competition, facilitating their engagement on a global platform to showcase their skills and talent.


Our Team

Prof. (Dr.) N.S. Das


Email Id: nsdas@cgu-odisha.ac.in

Mobile No: 9437390536

Mr. Achirangshu Patra

Centre in charge

Email Id: achirangshu.patra@cgu-odisha.ac.in

Mobile No: 9734428543

Mr. Bharatendu Shekhar Khuntia

Master Trainer

Email Id: kbharatendu@ssepl.net

Mobile No: 9778144130

Mr. Saubhagya Ranjan Behera

Master Trainer

Email Id: bsoubhagya@ssepl.net

Mobile No: 9778653506