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Webinar Details

“Join us for an exclusive webinar series on the skill of water technology from 1st June- 13th June 2020”

Conducted in partnership with C. V. Raman Global University, the webinar will have a host of experts as speakers, among whom would also be S. Aswatha Narayana who famously won the Gold Medal in Water Technology at WorldSkills 2019.

Water supply engineering technicians ensure that enough drinkable water is available every day. Drinkable water is our most precious food, which needs special protection. Before water can get processed to become potable, it needs to be extracted from wells or springs, for example. After its treatment in filter systems, it gets stored and distributed. These are all steps, which water supply engineering technicians take care of.

They inspect water samples, supervise filter systems, process pipes out of metal or plastic and maintain and repair pipes or small electric devices. They work at waterworks or pipe networks and complete their tasks oftentimes in teams under the management of a master craftsman or foreman.


Webinar Series Modules

The Module wise schedule for webinar series is available below. Each session will be for 60 Mins. Post complete course Completion Certificate will be awarded. The entire Webinar series is FREE of any cost. Detailed information is available in the ‘Reference Documents’ section.


Brief Introduction to the Water Sector

4 Sessions


Role of Skilled Manpower in the Water Sector

2 Sessions


Introduction to WorldSkills

2 Sessions


WorldSkills Water Technology, it's modules

6 Sessions


Automation in Water Sector

5 Sessions


Chemical & Environmental aspects

5 Sessions

WorldSkills Standards Specifications

The WorldSkills Standards Specifications reflect the global occupations or work roles that are represented by the WorldSkills Competition. Within a framework to ensure their validity, clarity and consistency, the Specifications:

  • cover the specialist, technical and generic skills that comprise intermediate work roles across the   world
  • set out what a capable practitioner must know, understand, and do
  • are prepared, with guidance, by technical and vocational WorldSkills Experts
  • are consulted upon and updated biennially with industry and business worldwide
  • indicate the relative importance of each section of the standards, as advised by industry and business.

The prime value of the Specifications is threefold:

  • as the reference points for the WorldSkills Competition, they establish the baseline from which to grow and reward authentic vocational performance
  • for WorldSkills Members and more widely they provide a benchmark for national and regional standards
  • As economies and markets become increasingly international, the Specifications support young people and adults to survive and thrive in the modern world.

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