Is CGU good for Electrical Engineering?

“Let there be light!”. A light bulb lights up when we connect it to an electric supply. Do you know who invented electricity? It’s popularly known that Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity with a kite-flying experiment during a thunderstorm in 1752. Do you know who is Michael Faraday and Thomas Edison? Electricity wasn’t discovered at once. Have a look at who was the first to discover static electricity.

Today, we can’t imagine a life without electricity. Even a minute of power cuts make us feel exhausted. Electrical Engineering is the most advanced and progressive field today. A career in electrical engineering has a  lot of scope and can be lucrative with the right qualifications. For that, choosing one of the best electrical engineering universities for pursuing a degree in electrical engineering is instrumental to aspiring engineers.

Let's understand what is Electrical Engineering?

Odisha is an engineering hub with around 200 engineering colleges, 60 of which are doting the capital city. Electrical Engineering is the most popular field of engineering that comprises sub-fields such as power engineering, control systems, signal processing, telecommunication and many more, which has branched to multifaceted disciplines. It’s a hands-on education, and you need to be on top of your game to make your way to the heights in a highly competitive market. For that, you will need to hone not only your technical skills but also your soft skills.

If you think you have what it takes to be an electrical engineer, you’ll need the best institution to build a strong foundation. In this blog, let’s have an insight on how CV Raman Global University (CGU) can cater to your interests.

CGU Academic Excellence:

The electrical engineering department of CGU has more than 2 decades of expertise. Every programme in the Electrical Department is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) & National Board of Accreditation (NBA). Electrical engineering includes a 4-year B.Tech undergraduate programme and a 2-year M.Tech postgraduate programme with specialisations in Power System Engineering and Mechatronics.

In addition to that, for aspirants of higher education & researchers, it offers PhD programmes with a specific focus on areas like Renewable Energy systems, Power Electronics Converter design for PV and EV applications, Micro Grid, Smart Grid, Condition Monitoring, Image Processing, and Machine Learning applications.

The team of faculties are leaders in their fields with national & international repute with published research papers. You can expect to find a stimulating learning environment and an excellent standard of teaching.

Curriculum and Course Offerings by CGU:

The curriculum of the department includes advanced courses focusing on Smart Grids, Electric Drives and Traction, Renewable Energy, Electric vehicles, Artificial Intelligence & IOTs. Every subject is followed by a technical presentation on assessment and advancement to review the caliber of students’ acceptance of the technology.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

With the latest simulation tools like MATLAB, SIMULINK, LABVIEW, PSCAD – EMTDC, ETAP, PSPICE, and many more programming labs, CGU provides state-of-the-art laboratories for electric drives, network devices, power electronics, electrical measurement, basic electrical engineering, power system protection, electrical machine and renewable energy. You experience a compatible academic environment with that of a professional.

Industry Connections and Placement Opportunities at CGU:

CGU university has established a Centre of Excellence in partnership with GalSen, TTL Pune, Schneider Electric, SEW Eurodrives, Bosch Rexorth, Quanser Advance Control & Siemens Germany and many more top MNCs to conduct workshops that open avenues for internship, consultancy projects and job opportunities in the core sector.

Additionally, students are offered tutorial classes for GATE and other competitive exams. CGU holds a track record of grads scoring good ranks in GATE and is placed in Tata Power, Tata Technologies, Adani group, Vedanta, Voltas Beko and many more core companies. Experience the best of electrical engineering in India at CGU. Know more about the admission procedure today!

Research and Innovation:

To be a successful electrical engineer in the core sectors, you need to exercise your mind and put theories into practice. Every year, CGU students participate in national and international level competitions like World Skills, Smart India Hackathon, and India Skills. Students present their research works on Mobile Robotics, Mechatronics, Water Technology, Industrial Control, Renewable Technology, etc., and the most unique projects get recognition. CGU students, every year, win a score of reward which reflects the education calibre of the institution and also the dedication and skills of the students.

The department regularly conducts field visits to industries like OPTCL, SLDC, OHPC, NTPC etc., through which students are exposed to the real world and its functioning. Students present their research papers at top-notch International and National level Engineering Conferences like IEEE, Springer, etc., where they get published. And if you become a member of the Society of Electrical Engineers (SoEE), you’ll get to interact with your counterparts from other colleges, industrialists, and professional bodies. 

As an aspiring electrical engineer on the lookout for the best colleges for electrical engineering, you have a strong possibility of experiencing an all-rounder development at CGU. CGU’s curated curriculum will not only help you build a strong foundation in core fundamentals but also instil problem-solving skills, a methodical and mathematical mind, and critical thinking. Be part of one of the best electrical engineering colleges in India.