Dr Amiya Kumar Prusty

Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy

Dean’s Message

C.V. Raman Global University, Bhubaneswar has a rich history of excellence in technical education and research, and we as a department are committed to fostering an environment that promotes innovation, critical thinking, and professionalism. Presently the Faculty of Pharmacy imparts 4 years of Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) and two years of Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm) courses, following the guidelines of Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), New Delhi.

At Faculty of Pharmacy, we understand the evolving landscape of healthcare and the integral role that pharmacists play in patient care. Our curriculum is designed to provide the students with a comprehensive and cutting-edge education, equipping with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in various pharmaceutical fields. We encourage collaboration,interprofessional learning, and a holistic approach to patient well-being.

Here at CGU, we believe that a teacher touches a student’s life forever, creating and moulding a person in a positive way. Our faculty, staff, and stakeholders are deeply committed to the success and future of students. We have highly experienced, qualified, motivated and committed faculty members with varied backgrounds and experiences who bring with them a rich variety of experience and knowledge from the world of academia and industry, encouraging the students to think and find their own creativity by promoting a wide range of ideas and to open expression of diverse opinions while maintaining an atmosphere of integrity, civility and respect.

Do you have the drive and passion for making a difference to the health and happiness of mankind through pharmaceutical drug design, discovery and development then the best choice is faculty of Pharmacy, CGU, Bhubaneswar. Here we truly cares for your future.

Wish you all the best and great success in your future endeavours.


Philosophy of the faculty is to prepare students for responsible and useful lives as educated citizens worthy in character and knowledgeable in the practice of Pharmacy with a flair for excellence. The Faculty of Pharmacy, C. V. Raman Global University strives to foster scientific researchers and pharmacists who are capable of contributing to the advancement of medical treatment, public health care, and the development of new drugs. Our teaching and research cover the core areas of pharmaceutical sciences with an emphasis on understanding the fundamental biological phenomena, physico-chemical properties of medicines, and the interaction of medicines with living organisms. Our graduates go on to work in a variety of areas including pharmaceutical research, manufacturing and marketing in industry, academic in universities and colleges, pharmacy practice in hospitals, and public medical and health related careers in international and national organizations.


  • Training in the fields of pharmaceutical practice, health care, pharmaceutical industries and community service.
  • Training in research and development and continuous learning.
  • Graduating a pharmacist who works as a lifelong learner for sustainable professional development and demonstrates the ability to assess performance and self-assessment skills.
  • Using of modern teaching methods and tools to make learning easier for students.
  • To impart communication, teamwork, responsibility and leadership among our graduates.
  • Commitment to achieve quality standards in pharmaceutical education through interactive learning and self-learning.

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