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C.V Raman Global University is an open platform for diverse voices where teaching runs parallel to the real world, and students are groomed to join the global workforce. CGU is distinguished as one of the top-ranked engineering Universities in India. The students at CGU benefit by the professional grooming of renowned faculty and industry experts with the experience of tackling pressing engineering problems. Students discover their passion in one of the various engineering majors at CGU. A student-centric pedagogy, project-based approach and design-driven curriculum provide students with an inclination for complex problem-solving, design, innovation, and a passion for learning. Through its various programmes, the School of Engineering and Technology aims to educate well-integrated individuals who possess technical and social competence to succeed in professional arenas.


  • Be proficient in integrating knowledge and understanding in identifying problems and producing powerful solutions
  • Have awareness and understanding of different cultures and social conditions
  • Gain sufficient knowledge and understanding of the appropriate scientific and mathematical fundamentals necessary to develop their professional skills
  • Attain professional competence, intellectual maturity and personal growth, along with a commitment to the ethical development of the industry
  • Have effective written, oral, and graphic communication skills


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