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The engineering sector is undergoing a huge evolution at a pace faster than we can imagine. Every engineer must have at least basic knowledge about drive technology and industrial automation. Automation, Smart Manufacturing and Robotics are buzzwords. Internet of Things (IoT) is now a reality and it has its influence in every sector. We are waking up to Industry 4.0 and Multi-motion and Kinematics programming are now being considered the backbone of modern engineering. Drive technology is the most conventional area in any industry and now there is a revolution in this technology.

The SEW-EURODRIVE Centre of Excellence looks into these fast-evolving trends and needs to create modules that can bridge the gap between academia and the industry. The educational outcomes have been fantastic and students now have a thorough understanding of the skillsets they need to develop to carve their niche in the real world.

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Prof. Ashwin Kumar Sahoo


Email Id: hod_electrical@cvrce.edu.in

Mobile No: 9444786904

Dr. Aditi Chatterjee

Centre In-Charge

Email Id: aditichatterjee@cgu-odisha.ac.in

Mobile No: 9668575217

Mr. Pratyusha Kumar Sahoo


Email Id: pkigit@live.com

Mobile No: 8480098337

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