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The branch of Fluid Mechanics studies the laws of the behavior of fluids at rest (fluid statics) or in motion (fluid dynamics) and their interaction processes with solid bodies. A fluid is considered to be a substance that can flow, in other words, move. Among them, there are liquids (water, oil, alcohol, milk, sulfuric acid, gasoline) and gases (air, oxygen, nitrogen, helium, argon, methane, butane, and natural gas).

Metrology is the science that studies the measurement of magnitudes. It is based on the process that seeks to establish a relationship between a reference value and the object or phenomenon whose magnitude must be quantified and obtain an expression of the measurement.

C.V. Raman Global University is already enjoying the EDIBON equipment installed. We are pleased to help you to train in the area of FluidMechanics with equipment such as the Fluid Friction in Pipes Unit, with Hydraulics Bench or the Basic Data Acquisition System from computer and Sensors for being used with EDIBON FME series.

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