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We all depend on plumbing and heating technicians for hot and cold fresh running water in our homes and offices and for staying warm in cold weather. Plumbing and heating technicians need to be able to plan and design systems, then install and test them. On occasion, they will also need to diagnose faults and make repairs. The plumbing and heating technician works both indoors and outdoors, in homes, and in commercial projects as a key part of the construction industry.

C.V. Raman Global University is in collaboration with IAPMO and IPA for the latest technology in Plumbing & Piping. The broad area of operation comprises planning, design, installation, and maintenance of plumbing infrastructure.

The university is a pioneer in the country to impart training modules from Germany to have the trainee hands-on practice on the working of different plumbing activities to supplement the above-mentioned lab.

Founded in 1926, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) coordinates the development, adaptation, and adoption of plumbing, mechanical, swimming pool, solar energy, geothermal, and Hydronics codes for jurisdictions globally. IAPMO also provides education and certification services for plumbing and mechanical apprentices.

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Mr. Ambika Prasad Mohanty

Centre Incharge

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Mr. Raud Gopal Reddy

Master Trainer

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Mobile No: 9437605523

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