What is Digital Leadership?

Digital leadership is the ability to stay updated about the newest digital innovations, and find a way to include them in your digital assets. A digital leader can be functional at a personal or organizational level. He/She must be able to use the digital assets to network, communicate and realize business goals.

These are the 5 personal traits that make you a digital leader in today’s age:


In today’s digital era, it is important for companies to communicate with their workforce and customers transparently. Every company has a brand image that should be projected every time a message goes out to the public. A digital leader should have excellent social communication and networking skills that help him build a robust communication strategy for his/her company and follow it with strong, impactful and positive communication to the masses. Communication keeps the workforce updated and motivated and keeps the customers engaged with the company’s product.


Being a digital visionary is the foundation of being a digital leader. Before you produce the tangible results, you need to recognise the result making opportunities and believe that a digital transformation is possible. Believing is half the job and convincing others of your vision’s credibility is the other. If you can make other people believe in your digital transformation strategy, you are a digital leader and people will follow your suggestions and example.

3.Digital Literacy

Digital leadership and Digital citizenship are not mutually exclusive of each other. To be a digital leader, one should first be digital literate. Being digitally literate is being aware of digital platforms and the tools that are used to build a strong digital presence. A digitally literate person is dexterous at digital tools and has the right skills to adapt to upcoming digital technology. Being proficient in digital technology will make you a digital community leader and help you realize your goals faster.

4. Strategic mind

You have the knowledge and the skills to be a leader, but without a foolproof digital transformation strategy your skills will fall short of achieving the goal of transformation. A digital leader is looked up to for his concrete digital strategy and action plan to execute the strategy. A strategic mind can lay down the plan and lead his/her workforce into digital success.

5. Adaptability

A digital leader should be approachable and open to changes. Rigidity in the mind towards accepting changes can be a huge set back in the ever changing digital landscape. With digital innovations and new social apps being launched frequently, it is important for a digital leader to be flexible enough to adapt to recent digital trends and technology. The key to digital transformation is to have an evolving business that can adapt and it depends on the leader that is always at the front.

A digital leader is created from the amalgamation of a vision and efforts towards staying on top of the digital innovation game. You might not innovate technology, but you can just use it in such a way as no one else has done it before.