Small scale industry refers (SSI) to those enterprises wherein manufacturing, production and assistant services are done on a small scale. For example, small scale ventures produce: wall hangings, masks, tissues, chocolates, toothpick, water bottles, little toys, papers, pens or art that is prevalent in the region it is based in.. Small scale ventures assume a significant part in the social and monetary advancement of India. These enterprises do a one-time investment in the structure, labor and ventures which could be on the basis of ownership, recruit buy, or rent premise. Be that as it may, the investment does not surpass Rs. 1 Crore.

Small scale ventures give business chances to various individuals, they represent individuals in rural regions particularly empowered women who undertake business ventures. It utilizes craftsmen, specialized experts, and unskilled labor who usually do not find employment in the traditional job sectors. SSI advances the decentralized improvement of businesses as a large portion of the small-scale enterprises are set up in undeveloped and rustic zones. It eliminates provincial aberrations by industrializing rurality and in developmentally lagging zones.  It assists with assembling and use of neighborhood assets like micro investment funds, pioneering ability, and so forth of the business-oriented people which may otherwise be neglected and untapped. Hence, it helps in the powerful use of man power assets. SSI assumes a reciprocal part in the large-scale division and supports large scale enterprises. SSI supplies raw materials, parts and fixtures to large scale enterprises and meets the prerequisites of large-scale ventures through setting up units close to the large-scale business units. SSI produces a wide scope of items required by purchasers in India. SSI helps in the advancement of society by decreasing the convergence of economic assets and riches in a very few hands. It demobilizes economic funds from the richer of the country and levels the economic disparities between the rich section of the society with the poorer division.  It improves the socio-economic background and financial independence of the rural and semi urban population. Small scale industries are the herald of economic and social development in otherwise undeveloped areas of India.

Around 60 to 70 percent of India’s advancement occurs with Small Scale Industries. With innovation and business, engineers have a key task to carry out in small scale ventures. Each enterprising endeavor targets tackling a pervasive issue in the public arena and industry experts are the ideal inventive issue solvers. Engineers, with their abilities and inventive methodology, can be the correct authors for the success story of small-scale ventures. As a technologically supportive network, engineers help construct the framework required, the vehicle for the mobilization and wider reach of Small-Scale Industry produces. Better locomotion network makes it simpler for organizations to exchange their products and empower the workforce to be more mobilized. Fast internet can support profitability, improve efficiencies, and help an association to look past its neighborhood or public fringes. Each Large-scale industry unit today had begun as a Small-scale industry one day. The small-scale industry with innovation powering it up can be a major stake holder of Indian economy and its revival.