“When the whole world suffers, it is no more you or me, it is us.”

The pandemic of COVID-19 is unpredictable and unforeseen. It has long surpassed being a regional problem and has existed as a global crisis that affects humanity at all spheres. For the world, COVID-19 is no more just a disease, it is synonymous with social disruption, exclusion, isolation and a new set of problems we never thought we would have.

In the times of crisis on humanity, only humanity has risen to fight the battle against COVID-19.

We know life had to come to halt, people herded back into their houses to win over the disease. Despite the new norms of social isolation and slowed down life, essential needs of the human society, like healthcare, sanitation, law and order, essential retail are needed to sustain the society.

The people who have continued working in these sectors; doctors, nurses, police and army officers, traffic police, cleaners and sweepers, media persons, etc. have now earned the moniker of frontline workers because they work as the frontline of defense and safety in times of dormancy. 

These heroes continue to work towards securing a COVID-19 free world and deserve all the appreciation and honour they can get from us. Their selfless service to an ailing society is what has given us a semblance of normalcy to our locked in life.

As a way of contribution towards social welfare and to support these heroes of COVID-19 battle financially, CGU has decided to award scholarship of total worth Rs 5 crore to wards hailing from families of COVID-19 warriors.

The University will consider JEE ranks and academic qualifications as well as family background through a committee established for the purpose before awarding academic scholarships to worthy applicants.