The alumni of CGU are the true torch bearers of the institution and CGU is proud to be known through them in the world. It is the ex-student who has left memories and made indelible connections with people in the CGU campus.

The current situation has pushed for more digital interactions where people check up on their friends and acquaintances through social platforms and from a distance. CGU has been truly futuristic in this case with its My Alumni Network app that helps its ex students stationed all over the world to stay in touch with each other. The app assists our alumni to find their fellow batchmates and seniors’ profile on the app and engage with them. The app is like an internal social platform for the CGU where they can post pictures, share memories and even organize alumni meets.

The CV Raman Global University believes in nurturing its own and its students have also inculcated the value.  The Alumni network also posts job openings and internships on the app that can potentially help a fellow friend in his career. The My Alumni Network is an innovative way of building a network of friends from a common background, and staying connected to your academic roots while exploring life beyond the academia.

The app powered by vaave is available on Google play store and Apple app store. With easy login through facebook, google and LinkedIn, anyone registered on can be a part of the network.