An education in engineering is one of the most sought-after higher education degrees. Any place you go over the globe, engineers are consistently popular. Furthermore, engineering is the foundation of the establishment for innovation, for advancement, for nearly all that we see around us today, be it vehicles, drugs, powers, electronic supplies, or whatever else. A degree in Chemical engineering can earn you opportunities in many industries and secure a progressive career for you. A B.Tech in Chemical engineering can open up opportunities for you in Biotechnology, Petrochemicals , Pharmaceuticals , bioremediation and other sectors of manufacturing.

Chemical engineering is one branch which has been increasing in popularity over the years. With the rise of enterprises and innovation, Chemical Engineering is turning into a searched after career, much popular among engineering students. A chemical engineer’s career is widespread from biotechnology and aviation to biomedical and oil businesses. Today, chemical engineering is turning into a profoundly productive part of engineering with a colossal scope for development in India as well asforeign countries. Chemical Engineering is in fact an extremely wide field and the part of study has its applications in different areas, for example, material, plastics, food, oil, drugs, and then some. 

With a large number of these assembling and administration areas employing chemical engineers, there opens gigantic opportunities for the degree as far as employment is considered and chemical engineering is getting attention as one of the most splendid career alternatives for graduates for its job demand inside India and over the globe.

Yet, the cream of the job vacancies often require a higher degree in chemical engineering as compared to entry level jobs that require only a in Chemical engineering. A promotion or placement at a managerial post or an administrative position will require an M.Tech in Chemical engineering. Chemical engineers are ‘researchers’ and ‘architects’ simultaneously. Research is consistently on head of their daily agenda. It is through research that they can start to comprehend issues that they need to solve in their workspace. It is additionally through experimentation that they concoct thoughts for designing processes and product improvement. As such, research is a major aspect of a Chemical Engineer’s day by day task. The research that goes into fulfilling the job responsibilities of a chemical engineer is not always fulfilled by only an undergraduate degree.

Here are a few job designations that a master’s degree in Chemical engineering can get you-

  1. Plant Manager-

The jobs and duties of a Plant Manager incorporate administering ventures and the everyday activities of the organization’s assembling or preparing plants. The plant manager is additionally accountable for overseeing workers for profitability and wellbeing.  few businesses appoint one Plant Manager to one area.Different organizations allot their Plant Managers to specific divisions, for example, Production or Processing Units. In the event that you are a Chemical Engineer aiming at the designation of Plant Manager. Expect to be working with business related to representatives – planning work, appointing the correct workforce to specific assignments, enrolling new laborers, training laborers, and guarantee the wellbeing of the whole workforce employed under you and the laborers in question. This will be one of your significant duties. It is also the duty of the Plant Manager to perform the last check on the products before they are dispatched from the plant to purchasers. That implies a Plant Manager must have administration abilities and scrupulousness to make each activity successful.For the post of plant manager, you likewise need to qualify scholastically. Most organizations require Plant Managers with significant experience, in case you are a fresher, a M.Tech in Chemical engineering is relevant.

  • Operations Manager

An operations manager coordinates the association in its production process which encompasses both organizational as well as engineering duties. His activity may shift starting with one business then onto the next on a particular level. However, on an overall level, an Operations Manager goes about as the facilitator between different divisions just as between his representatives and bosses. Different jobs that an Operations Manager will be entrusted to do incorporatemaking plans in the event of changes, controlling authoritative changes however much as could reasonably be expected, assuming responsibility for quality confirmation stream and structure, researching on elective and effective creation strategies, including new innovations, planning and bookkeeping, and overseeing stock, the plan of the office, and the creation of products.

  •  Senior Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer graduates have the primary aim to become Senior Chemical Engineers. A Senior Chemical Engineer is actually ‘the senior’ of the group. As a senior, he is answerable for guaranteeing all work is finished by his team. A portion of the enterprises that need Senior Chemical Engineers are vehicle organizations, military, and energy administrations among numerous different businesses. For being a Senior Chemical Engineer you either need experience or a Masters Degree in Chemical engineering.

Presently, the Indian industry is on the mission of paving wider avenues of opportunity for chemical engineers, making an ever-increasing scope possible for rising chemical engineers in regions of creation, planning, research and advancement. The ongoing pattern shows that the chemical engineering sector is expected to advance and fill marvelously in the years to come. Thus, there will be a whopping demand for chemical engineers in upcoming industrial sectors in the years ahead.

Keeping in view the increasing scope and growth of the industry, chemical engineering is considered as one of the brightest career options with huge employment opportunities available. Students who want to make a career in the sector should aim at gaining thorough knowledge and a complete skill profile and should pursue their higher education in engineering from a reputed engineering institute that can lend a strong foundation to their career.

A larger share of the core companies today looks atreputed institutions for hiring freshers in campus placements.  Institutes like CV Raman Global University have garnered a great reputation in the corporate sector for supplying fresh talent in the chemical engineering field. If you plan to enter core companies as a chemical engineer, it is wise to join a reputed educational institution  like CV Raman Global University that provides its students with industrial skillsand theoretical knowledge, polishes your inherent talent and has a scope of higher education such as M.Tech in Chemical engineering and Ph.D in Chemical engineering which can place you at the peak of career opportunities even as a fresher.