Are you an engineering student just about to start his journey to be a successful engineer one day? Are you nervous about the journey ahead? We cannot predict the life ahead for you but we can warn you of the common mistakes you should avoid to create a successful career.

Focusing too much on CGPA

 When a student starts focusing only getting good grades in engineering their overall development lack somewhere. It is not only on grades that the focus should be, an engineering student should focus on extra-curricular activities that build an overall personality. Good grades can get you to the door, but a complete package will get you through it.

Zero work on communication skills

Good communication skill is very important to stay in the job market. Engineers who have good communication skill have better employment, higher wages, and better growth. For students, working on soft skills is as important as working on practical skills.

Mugging up and Last-minute preparations

Last minute preps are all romanticized and idolized giving credits to the friends who help us pass the exams. The truth of it is that mugging up may help your grades but do not help in acquiring any practical knowledge for the future. Grades are not the only stepping stone to a great career

Skipping out on internships and projects

Internships are a way to gain job experience and versatility. Skipping out on projects and internships being the least involved person in the group will always lead to a half-baked CV for your future job. Group projects are a great way to develop leadership skills and innovation thought. Internship also grooms you for the industry and inculcates teamwork in you.

Misuse of Internet

   Internet is a source of all things knowledge and exposure, but one must know how to utilize it than misusing it. Sign up for online courses, be part of online quiz groups, connect with your peers and seniors for better job hunting and stay informed on all recent news.