In a country where more than a million engineers graduate every year from thousands of engineering colleges across its landscape, a majority of youngsters wish to become engineers when they grow up. What drives this aspiration is not the presumed expectations of parents, as popular myths make you believe, it is more because of the high paying career, financial security, and opportunities that an engineering career reaps for an engineer.

Some of the most important innovations and discoveries in the world have been made by Indians. Being groomed with this legacy since childhood and an inherent ability to identify problems and troubleshoot them is what inspires many to be engineers in the later stage of their career. Indians are known to be resourceful. They find the easiest solutions to their everyday problems. This Indian Jugaad is a manifestation of Indians’ capability in problem-solving and critical thinking, both very important skills needed in engineering. From small daily life problems to bigger challenges like an indigenous moon mission, India is self-reliant when it comes to engineering solutions. Using creativity of mind and practical experience, younger Indians can pioneer the engineering sector of the future. 

As a career, engineering is one of the most rewarding career options with high paying salaries and opportunities abound. An average engineer’s salary can be up to eight lacs per annum and this number can go further up based on the skills a candidate brings to the table. Engineers can have some of the highest paying jobs irrespective of the sector they work in. Engineers are offered jobs across every industry and business sector. This is because problem-solving and critical thinking is needed in every sector. From manufacturing to constructions, marine ecosystems to industrial processes, or even the smallest machines, engineers are involved in every sphere of business and industry. Some engineers even upgrade their career with an MBA to handle managerial designations in their company and run a business skillfully. With practical skills, the choice of upskilling, and the demand for engineers being constant in every sector, engineers have the scope of expanding their career further than the traditional engineering boundaries. Engineers will always be prized by businesses for their resourcefulness and ability to create a positive outcome of any challenge. 

Engineers not only work with local communities but remotely work with a global network of engineers and other professionals to build solutions for society. This exposes them to a variety of experiences and opportunities that can help them explore their professional life from a new perspective. Engineers have the opportunity to work with teams of highly qualified professionals, learn something new every day, and create something revolutionary every day. Engineering can open avenues for you to travel the world and work in some of the most exciting workspaces. The high level of job satisfaction linked with engineering jobs is also one of the reasons engineering is preferred by students as a career of choice. 

Engineering is an ever-evolving science that has many paradigms opening up and this opens up the further scope of employment for many aspiring engineers. New branches of engineering like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cybersecurity are the fastest-growing careers in tandem with the need of today’s innovation and technology advances. 

While we know that engineering is one of the most sought-aftercareer in India, it is also important that the technical education that backs the career is well imparted and received, creating a solid backbone for the future engineer. This goal can only be achieved through state of the art, industrially relevant technical education. Unfortunately, with the establishment of thousands of engineering colleges in India every year, the quality of education is getting diluted day by day. 

Many graduate engineers fail to secure good jobs because of this weak link between education and industry. Still, there are many colleges, like the CV Raman Global University who have stepped up the quality of education with passing years to suit the needs of the industry that will employ their students. A vision of improving technical education and providing skill-based education to students to prepare them for their professional roles sooner is the foundation of the newly declared university. Every year, thousands of capable and skillful engineers graduate from the Odisha based university. 

For a successful career in the future, an aspiring engineer has to choose his place of education wisely. Here are a few reasons why CV Raman Global University should be on top of the list of their dream university. 

  1. A skill-based curriculum-    

CV Raman Global University has been built on the ideals of empowering youth with employability. To keep its students in touch with the most important skills needed to be professionally successful in their career, CV Raman Global University has time and again revamped its curriculum and included a balanced equation between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. 

An engineer should have his fundamentals strong and clear, but he needs a repertoire of skills that can be implemented in his workspace he will be exposed to immediately after his education. CV Raman Global University recognizes this requirement and its curriculum is specially designed to fill the lacuna between education and industry. The skill-based curriculum helps students practice and perfect much-needed skills for their future careers. This prepares the students for the challenges they will face in their everyday work lives.

  • Experienced Faculty- 

One of the factors that decide a great education and career for the students is an efficient and experienced faculty that can help them learn the most prioritized and important skills needed for their career. An experienced faculty can even create great engineers from mediocre students as the right guidance from professors can give their career a defined direction. 

CV Raman Global University has experienced teaching staff that is invested in making the career of the university students. With their advanced teaching techniques, the faculty makes engineering interesting to learn. The faculty at CV Raman Global University is amiable and approachable, helping students with their doubts and curiosities. The professors are great support for the students by bringing out their best capabilities to the fore and sharpening them. The professors are the students’ support system during competitions and events. 

  • Global exposure- The CV Raman Global University is a truly global university that offers exposure and opportunities on a global level to its students. The university has facilities and education infrastructure that match international standards and give their students a maximum scope to realize their potential. Under the able guidance of its faculty, the students are prepared to compete and emerge as winners on global platforms like World Skills, Future Skills, and national level like Smart India Hackathon. The students have proven their excellence across many international and national platforms. Through these competitions, camps, and internships, CV Raman Global University opens its eyes to the broad world of engineering and the opportunities that the career brings with it.
  • A wide choice of degrees- 

With 18 Undergraduate, 17 Postgraduate, 11 Ph.D., and 01Integrated MA with Ph.D. programs, CV Raman Global University has a huge array of courses on offer for every type of student that approaches its gates in search of education. From Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and IT, Electrical, or Electronics and Communications Engineering, CV Raman Global University have the core branches of engineering under its undergraduate and postgraduate streams. Under its postgraduate stream, CV Raman Global University also has newer specializations like Production Engineering, Mechatronics, Marine engineering, Heat Power Engineering, and Chemical engineering. It also offers a Bachelor in Business Administration and Masters in the same stream for those who want to pursue their luck in business. The University has M.Sc and Ph.D. in Physical and Applied Sciences of Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. It also has an integrated Masters in Arts and a Ph.D. in English Literature. By including diverse streams and subjects in its education structure, CV Raman Global University has become a multi-disciplinary institution that takes care of a student’s holistic education. Whether a student is looking for an undergraduate or a further degree of Masters or goes into research with a Ph.D. degree, the CV Raman Global University knows everyone that knocks on its doors. 

  • Centers of Excellence for building skills- 

Centers of Excellence are sub-centers of the university that are established in collaboration with Industrial leaders to help students work closely with industries to acquire skills that will help them secure a job after their degree completion. CV Raman Global University has 25 centers of excellence on campus, like the Bosch Rexroth center, SIEMENS center, Robotics, HVAC & R, and Tata Technology. A large number of centers of excellence are a testimony to CV Raman Global University’s commitment towards creating experienced and dexterous professionals from their students who can emerge as leaders of their industries in the future. The centers of excellence help students get acquainted with the latest machines and technology that each Industry giant uses and become highly skilled at certain important skills. 

 Besides these five top reasons, a great, sprawling and green campus with safe and healthy accommodations for residential students that even welcomes students from all over the world and promotes a peaceful, multicultural student ecosystem is also one of the reasons CV Raman Global University should be a desirable institution for engineering students.