cgu Placement

In the world of higher education, not all universities are created equal. Some stand out, making their mark as institutions of excellence and promise. C. V. Raman Global University is one such gem, shining brightly in the educational landscape of Odisha. With its UGC-recognized status and a track record that speaks volumes, this university has firmly established itself as one of the top universities in India.

For any student, a bachelor’s degree is not just a piece of paper; it’s a stepping stone to a future filled with dreams and ambitions. When it comes to these aspirations, what could be more crucial than placement opportunities? And that’s where C. V. Raman Global University truly excels. With a staggering 90% of its students successfully placed, this university has set the gold standard for consistent placement track records. It’s not just about getting a job; it’s about securing the right job in the right company.

Speaking of companies, C. V. Raman Global University offers its students an optimum opportunity to work with some of the most prestigious names in the corporate world. With more than 70 recruiting companies, including giants like Bosch Ltd, Capgemini, Cognizant, Infosys, and Tata Steel, the university opens its doors to both national and international placement avenues. These companies represent not just the who’s who of the corporate world, but also the IT Giants and FANG companies, providing students with a diverse array of career paths.

The diversity in opportunities is also reflected in the salary packages offered. Students at C. V. Raman Global University have received placement offers ranging from a substantial INR 45 LPA (Lakhs per annum) to a minimum of INR 4 LPA. Such variance speaks to the strength of the university’s curriculum and the potential for students to excel in their chosen fields.

What sets C. V. Raman Global University apart is not just its impressive placements but also the support it provides to students throughout their journey. The university offers a well-structured pre-placement process that includes resume building, aptitude training, soft skills development, and interview preparation. Students are also exposed to hackathons and skill competitions to nurture their creative and lateral thinking abilities alongside academics. The focus is not just on finding a job but on upskilling individuals to thrive in the ever-evolving job market.

It’s not just about finding a job, but finding the right job that aligns with one’s career aspirations. That’s where the university’s strong alumni network comes into play. These alumni are not just success stories; they are mentors and guides, helping current students find the perfect placement opportunities. It’s a network that goes beyond graduation and offers lifelong support.

C.V. Raman Global University is not just a place for job seekers but also a nurturing ground for job creators. The Entrepreneurship Cell here is incredibly active and resourceful, fostering innovation and business acumen among students. It’s a testament to the university’s commitment to holistic education.

The university also boasts several unique distinctions. It’s the first private autonomous engineering college in Odisha, as declared by the UGC. Moreover, it is the only private engineering college in Odisha with 11 centres of excellence in collaboration with international companies, a testament to its dedication to providing quality education. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also the only private engineering college in Odisha offering a ‘Marine Engineering’ branch. 

While the world is looking at C. V. Raman Global University for its outstanding placement opportunities, it has much more to offer. It’s recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (S.I.R.O) by the D.S.I.R., Government of India, and it provides a wide range of programs including UG, PG, and Doctoral programs in Engineering, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Agriculture, Humanities, Law, and Management. The curriculum is enriched with industry requirements, reflecting global skill standards.

But education is not just about books; it’s about the resources that support learning. The Central Library at C. V. Raman Global University is a testament to this philosophy. Housing a staggering 64,081 books, 2,220 journals, and fifty-nine varieties of periodicals, the library is a treasure trove of knowledge. With cutting-edge facilities, it offers CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, online databases, micro-documents, video cassettes, books, journals, theses, and more. The library even provides NPTEL video courses, ensuring that students have access to a wide range of learning resources.

C.V. Raman Global University has undoubtedly made its mark as the best university in Odisha. It’s not just about placement opportunities, although they are undeniably impressive. It’s about the world-class infrastructure, quality education, and a commitment to nurturing students into well-rounded individuals. 

So, if you’re a student planning your future, remember to plan, prepare, and make the best career choice. With C. V. Raman Global University, you’re not just choosing an institution; you’re choosing a future filled with opportunities, and the chance to shine bright in your career. This university isn’t just making records; it’s shaping the leaders of tomorrow.