The Certificate Course in Bakery & Patisserie at CV Raman Global University is a comprehensive One-Year short term program designed to equip students with the essential knowledge and practical skills required for a Bakery career in the hospitality industry. This One-Year program, ideal for both beginners and those looking to enhance their skills, covers a wide range of topics, including bread making, pastry arts, cake decoration, chocolate and confectionery, and healthy baking alternatives. Under the guidance of experienced chefs and bakers, students gain practical experience in state-of-the-art baking labs, learning techniques that are highly sought after in the hospitality and culinary industries. Graduates can pursue careers in bakeries, pastry shops, hotels, restaurants, catering companies, or even start their own baking businesses. Open to anyone passionate about baking, this short-term program offers a flexible and comprehensive learning experience, ensuring students are well-prepared for various roles in the baking and pastry arts field.

Program Educational Objectives (peo’s)

  • PEO1
    Equip students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to excel in the bakery and patisserie industry.
  • PEO2
    Instil a strong understanding of industry standards and best practices in hygiene, safety, and quality control.
  • PEO3
    Prepare students for a variety of career opportunities in the bakery and patisserie field, including roles in bakeries, hotels, restaurants, catering companies, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Program Specific Outcomes (Pso's)

  • PSO1
    Students will possess advanced skills in baking and pastry arts, including the ability to create a wide range of baked goods and confections with precision and creativity.
  • PSO2
    Graduates will have the knowledge and skills to effectively manage bakery operations, including inventory management, cost control, customer service, and marketing.



Sl.No.Category CodeCourse TypeCourse CodeCourse TitleHours per WeekCreditsHours / WeekHours / Sem
1CoreTHM 010Foundation Course in Baking Arts60003642
2SessionalPHM 011Foundation Course in Baking Arts Lab.08003842
3CoreTHM 012Foundation Course in Pastry Arts60003642
4SessionalPHM 013Foundation Course in Pastry Arts Lab.08003842
5CoreTHM 014Food Hygiene and Sanitation20003242

Semester- II

Sl.No.Category CodeCourse TypeCourse CodeCourse TitleHours per WeekCreditsHours / WeekHours / Sem
1CoreTHM 015Advance Baking Arts60003642
2SessionalPHM 016Advance Baking Arts Lab.08003842
3CoreTHM 017Advance Pastry Arts Lab.60003642
4SessionalPHM 018Advance Pastry Arts Lab.08003842
5CoreTHM 019Bakery Management & Entrepreneurship20003242

Eligibility Criteria

1To be eligible for the Certificate in Bakery & Patisserie program, candidates must have passed at least Class 8 from a recognized Board/School with a minimum aggregate score of 40%.

Brand Association


  • Bakeries
  • Pastry Shops
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Catering Companies
  • Own Baking Business