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The Department of Mathematics came into existence in 1997. The Department has proved its excellence by demonstrating leadership in the areas of pure mathematics, applied mathematics and computing. The faculty members are actively involved in research and publish research papers in journals with good impact factors. The faculty train the students with strong fundamentals of theory and practical use of mathematics. Mathematics is the backbone of knowledge enhancement for Scientists and Engineers. Keeping this in view, our focus is to produce graduates equipped with modern mathematical and computational tools and a strong understanding of real-world and engineering problems. In addition, we allow students to earn credits through the new education policy and get minor degrees simultaneously which will enhance their interdisciplinary skills.

About Department

The Department of Mathematics came into existence in 1997. The Department offers various Mathematics courses to Graduate and Post Graduate Engineering students. As Mathematics is the language of engineering, the department serves the same purpose as any other engineering department. The department teaches; Differential calculus, Integral calculus, Vector calculus, Matrix Algebra, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Numerical analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory, Laplace Transform, Fourier series and Z-Transforms, Optimization Engineering, Probability Theory and Stochastic Process. P.G. Degree in Mathematics started in 2016.
The Department’s mission is to provide world-class mathematics education and research in engineering, industry, sciences, and commerce in a diverse society. Postgraduate and Ph.D. scholars are involved in advanced research and publishing. The department consults and researches in Cosmology, Differential Equations, Fluid Dynamics, Graph Theory, Inventory Models, Mathematical Epidemiology, Optimization, Fuzzy Optimization, Algebra, and Cryptography. Government of India organisations such as AICTE, DST, and CSIR help the department’s R&D initiatives.



Under Graduate

  • Rakesh Ranjan Sahoo, Kamal Lochan Mahanta and Saibal Ray, Nonsingular Phantom Cosmology in Five Dimensional f(R, T) Gravity, Universe, Vol-8 (11), 573 (2022), Impact Factor: 2.813, DOI; https://doi.org/10.3390/universe8110573
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  • D.Mohanty,G.Mahanta and ,S.Shaw Analysis of irreversibility for 3-D MHD convective Darcy–Forchheimer Casson hybrid nanofluid flow due to a rotating disk with Cattaneo–Christov heat flux, Joule heating. Numerical Heat Transfer, Part B: Fundamentals (Taylor & Francis),1, I.F.1.374,https://doi.org/10.1080/10407790.2023.2189644.
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  • G.Mahanta, D.S,Rauta,C.Parida Applications of First order differential equations, International journal of Engineering Science, Technology, DOI 0.29121/IJOEST.v6.i5.2022.402


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