Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What could you choose, what do you aspire to? The most common dilemma that an undergraduate face is what career option suits them and which higher education institution could cater best to their interest.

Engineering is one of the most sought-after reputed streams today. With the world upgrading itself there is a huge demand for engineers yet many graduates deviate from the path of the core stream. And it’s not due to the shortage of employment but taking hold of the opportune moment. CV Raman Global University, Bhubaneswar (CGU) stands as India’s best university with a commitment to academic excellence and a distinct cent per cent placement record.

CGU Academic:

What’s in store for you as an aspiring engineer – a diverse range of engineering programmes. What makes CGU’s academic programmes stand out – a curated curriculum and the education quality based on industrial trends. Being one of the top engineering colleges in Odisha, CGU offers Chemical engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, electrical engineering, marine engineering, and mechanical engineering besides a plethora of undergraduate programmes.

Imagine taking on CGU’s chemical engineering programme. Besides cutting-edge chemical processes and technologies, students get to interact with their professional counterparts. With industrial visits, conferences, expert talks and advanced training programmes, graduates emerge well-prepared for careers in the dynamic chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

For students inclined towards a civil engineering programme, CGU offers a comprehensive training ground in infrastructure design, construction, maintenance and upgradation. It’s an area with a lot of diversity and CGU’s multifaceted faculty aligns educational goals with the tremendous demands of the ever-expanding construction sector, providing graduates with a competitive edge.

Electrical engineering enthusiasts find themselves at home with CGU’s course, which provides state-of-the-art laboratories and industry-grade simulation tools like MATLAB, SIMULINK, PSCAD, EMTDC, ETAP, PSPICE, etc. Rest assured, as a graduate, you will be well-versed in the fundamentals of the core sector and will find a strong foothold across power generation, electronics and various other core industries.

Get ready to dive deep into a maritime adventure with CGU’s marine engineering programme. The curriculum is tailor-made to ingrain knowledge on how to design, develop, produce, manage and upgrade machinery. It offers development skills and practical experiences for exciting careers in the maritime industry, a growing field with exciting career advancement. Find yourself ready to work on ships, in shipyards, or engage in groundbreaking marine research.

Mechanical engineering students at CGU are exposed to automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and a broad spectrum of industrial knowledge. The programme, along with theoretical assessments, includes labs, workshops, and projects to ensure graduates are well-versed in real-world trends.

At CGU, the CSE programme is a beacon of academic excellence and career advancement. The tech world is ever-evolving, outdating technologies at a moment’s notice. It offers a dynamic curriculum that combines cutting-edge theory with practical applications.


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Our Placement Records:

CGU is not just a university, it’s a launching pad for a successful career for Engineering aspirants. CGU ropes leading companies and top recruiters, both national and international, annually for all engineering disciplines for recruitment drives.

Additionally, to ensure graduating students are ready to face the competitive market, CGU offers robust placement support to its students that includes resume-building workshops, interview preparation, and personalized career counselling.

Extracurricular activities:

Besides academics, you can join the CGU club. You heard it right. Clubs that align with your interests offer coding, robotics, musicals, sports, and environmental activism, there’s something for everyone. And you get to learn from the experts. Furthermore, CGU is high on Festival Fever. Students showcase their talents in cultural and technical aspects. It also ensures how students contribute to society during their bachelor years. 

In conclusion, CV Raman Global University is the best engineering college in Bhubaneswar and your gateway to a promising future in engineering. Do go through the web portal, reach out to alumni, take a walk of the college campus, talk to students, go through web reviews and find out how you can achieve your professional aspirations and experience an educational transformation with CGU.